Additional Installations Operations Using the Installation Package

The installation package offers a variety of installation options to help you deploy the Commvault software on your environment.

The following list describes additional operations that you can perform using the installation package.

  • Create a Custom Package

    Create a custom installation package with the agents and configurations that your environment needs. For more information, see Custom Packages.

  • Create a Solaris IPS Package

    Create IPS packages for Solaris environments that use a network based package management system. For more information, see Solaris IPS Packages.

  • Run Unattended Installations

    Install the software silently on a computer using an answer file. For more information, see Unattended Installations.

    The following list describes advanced operations for specific deployment scenarios:

  • Preinstall Commvault as a Software Image

    If you want to install the Commvault software on computers that will be distributed to different organizations or CommCell environments, see Preinstall Commvault as a Software Image.

Last modified: 4/9/2018 7:18:46 PM