Cross-Machine Restores for Oracle

A cross-machine restore is one where the restore destination is a different host from where the backup was taken.

Perform a cross-machine restore when the original database host has been damaged or destroyed.

The restore can take place to the same or different location on the new host.

You can restore to a SID that is different from the SID in the backup without connecting to the source and target database or recovery catalog.

Cross-Instance Restore Operations

Use a traditional backup or an IntelliSnap backup to restore an Oracle database to a new destination that has a different SID from the source SID.

Restore when you cannot use the Oracle DUPLICATE command, such as in the following cases:

  • You cannot connect to the source database or recovery catalog.
  • You want to restore from an IntelliSnap backup.
  • You want to restore from a file system backup copy.
  • You want to create a permanent database clone from an IntelliSnap backup or a file system based backup copy.

Last modified: 10/9/2018 4:04:06 PM