Duplicating an Oracle Database on the Same Host with the Instance Configured

You can create a duplicate database on the same host with the configured instance.

Before You Begin

  1. Perform a full backup along with the log files on the original database.
  2. Create a duplicate database instance on the destination host. If the database already exists on the destination host, make sure to remove the temp.dbf file before performing a restore operation.
  3. Manually, copy the init<SID>.ora file from the source computer to the destination computer.

    On UNIX:


    On Windows:


  4. Update the database name, dump files, archive logs and the control file locations in the init<SID>.ora file for the duplicate database instance.
  5. Add the DB_FILE_NAME_CONVERT and LOG_FILE_NAME_CONVERT parameters in the init<SID>.ora file. These parameters will redirect the datafiles, temp files, and log files to the auxiliary instance.

    Make sure that all the other parameters in the init<SID>.ora file are same as that in the original database.

    On UNIX:




    On Windows:




    (When using these parameters on a Windows computer, the file paths should be entered in uppercase.)

  6. On Windows clients, restart Oracle services.

    Skip this step, if you are using an UNIX client.

  7. Add the duplicate database instance name in the Listener.ora file and Tnsnames.ora files.
  8. Add the source database name in the Tnsnames.ora file on the destination host.

    Make sure to use the password change_on_install when you create the password file for auxiliary database.

    DUPDB =


    ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = powerpc02)(PORT = 1521))



    (SERVICE_NAME = dupdb)



  9. Restart the Listener.
  10. Provide a valid connect string for the auxiliary channel.


    sys/sys@<SID name>

  11. Startup the duplicate database instance in NOMOUNT mode.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, expand Client Computers > client > Oracle RAC.
  2. Right-click the instance, point to All Tasks and then click Browse and Restore.Right-click the <Instance>, point to All Tasks and then click Browse and Restore.
  3. Select Latest Backup and click View Content.
  4. Select all the databases and click Recover All Selected.
  5. On the Restore Options dialog box, navigate to the General tab.
    • Select the Duplicate DB check box.
    • Under The latest Database View box, click Refresh to verify that the status of the duplicate database is STARTED.
  6. On the Stream tab of the Restore Options for Client dialog box:
    1. Specify the number of streams to use for each Oracle RAC instance in the Stream column.
    2. Click Advanced.
  7. On the Advanced Restore Options dialog box, navigate to the Duplicate tab.
    • Select the Duplicate To check box.
    • Type the name of duplicate database in Database Name box.
    • Type the name of startup Parameter file in Pfile box or click Browse to locate it.
    • Click OK.
  8. Click OK.

Last modified: 9/12/2018 6:48:01 PM