Creating SAP HANA Symbolic Links

After you finish the SAP HANA Data Agent installation, you must configure the SAP HANA directories.

In a multinode environment, perform the procedure for each node.


  1. Log on to the SAP HANA database by using the following command:

    Note: Use your SAP HANA SID for the database parameter. The user is "SIDadm".

    su - <databaseadm>


    The SID is T01

    su - <T01adm>

  2. Create the /usr/sap/<SID>/SYS/global/hdb/opt/ directory and by running the following commands:


    # su - <SIDadm>
    #/usr/sap/<SID>/HDB00> mkdir -p

  3. Create a symbolic link at /usr/sap/<SID>/SYS/global/hdb/opt/ by running the following commands:

    Note: This example uses /opt/commvault/iDataAgent/backint as the directory value because "/opt/commvault" is the default software installation path (<software_install_path>). If your configuration uses a different directory structure, make sure that you use the correct <softwre_install_path> value for this step, and the next step that verifies the link.

    # su - <SIDadm>
    #cd /usr/sap/<SID>/SYS/global/hdb/opt
    #ln -s /opt/commvault/iDataAgent/backint hdbbackint

  4. Verify that there is a symbolic link from the /usr/sap/<SID>/SYS/global/hdb/opt/hdbbackint directory to the /opt/commvault/iDataAgent/backint directory by running the following commands.


    # su - <SIDadm>
    #cd /usr/sap/<SID>/SYS/global/hdb/opt
    #/usr/sap/<SID>/SYS/global/hdb/opt> ls -l
    lrwxrwxrwx 1 <SIDadm> sapsys 33 Feb 27 17:13 hdbbackint -> /opt/commvault/iDataAgent/backint

What to Do Next

If you run SAP HANA Express 2.0,configure the global.ini file to use the backint interface. For more information, see the Configuring the SAP HANA 2.0 including the Express Edition global.ini File to Use the backint Interface.

Last modified: 10/2/2018 2:26:11 PM