Configuring SAP HANA for a Multi-Node or Clustered Environment

You can use the SAP HANA agent to protect a SAP HANA database that is in a multi-node or clustered environment.

Backups that you perform from SAP HANA Studio are not affected by the node order as long as the node appears on the instance details (Instance Properties dialog box, Details tab, Hana Database Instances box).


  1. Install the SAP HANA agent on all nodes in the clustered environment.
  2. From the Hana physical client Name list, select the client that hosts the SAP HANA instance.
  3. Create the SAP HANA parameter file for the SAP HANA database.

What to Do Next

In SAP HANA Studio, configure backint for the database.

Last modified: 3/29/2019 8:31:17 AM