ContentStore Mail Server (IMAP) Counters

On the ContentStore Mail Server (IMAP) Counters tab, you can monitor the server resource usage using remote procedure call (RPC) performance counters.



% Processor Time

The average processor usage over all processors.

Working Set

The amount of memory that a process requires.

Working Set - Private

The amount of memory that is being used by a process, and that will not be allocated to other processes.

# GC Handles

The number of garbage collection handles that are currently in use.

# Bytes in all Heaps

The memory that is currently allocated on the garbage heaps. This value is in megabytes.

If you need to create a report to help troubleshoot usage issues, you can click Capture for each counter to create a snapshot of the individual counter. Alternatively, you can click Capture All in the upper right corner of the counter display to take a snapshot of all counters at once. You can then save the image to your local computer based on the save procedure for your browser.

Last modified: 5/10/2018 9:58:26 PM