Compliance Archive - Domino Mailbox Archiver


Compliance archiving allows for the messages copied to the IBM Domino journaling mailbox to be moved to the designated secondary storage location. Due to compliance regulations, only authorized users may retrieve messages archived from the journaling mailbox.

Client mailbox copies of archived messages remain intact within their respective client mailboxes. During the compliance archiving, the messages are archived securely with no impact on the source mailbox or databases.

Messages are retrieved out-of-place (i.e., to a secure mailbox created exclusively for compliance purposes).

Compliance Archiving Configuration

Compliance Archiving operations for the IBM Domino journaling mailbox follow the same process as archiving operations with the following special requirements and configurations:

On the IBM Domino

Prior to performing any compliance archiving operations, the IBM Domino setting for journaling maintenance must be set to None.

Last modified: 3/1/2018 7:52:35 PM