Data Aging - Oracle Archiving

Archived data will be available on both the archive database and storage media. The data is aged based on retention settings for the archive database and storage media.

Archive Database Cleanup

Archived data is available on the archive database, which allows applications to access the archived data directly by connecting to the archive database without restoring. However having all the archived data on archive database uses a large amount of memory. Use the retention settings for the archived data so that older archived data/jobs can be removed from the archive database but remain available on the storage media. The default retention setting on the archive database is 365 days. You can change this on subclient properties (see Configuring Archive Data Retention).

The cleanup thread runs every 7 days on the source (production) database and it will pick the archive jobs or data that meet the retention rules and remove them from the archive database. While removing the data from archive database, the indexed columns are pushed to the analytics engine so a user can search the data which is available on the storage media.

Retention Rules for Secondary Media

The Media retention is used for longer retention. When a Synthetic Full job runs it looks only at jobs where the media retention policy has been met.

The Storage Policy retention is the one used to age the Full/Incremental/Synthetic Full archive jobs on storage/secondary media.

By default, all archived data is retained infinitely. However, you should change the retention of your data based on your needs.

For information about setting up the basic retention rule, and running a data aging job, see Data Aging-Getting Started.

Note: If you continue to have infinite retention, you will also need infinite storage capacity.

Retention for storage/secondary media is controlled by the following settings

  1. Media retention on subclient properties (see Configuring Archive Data Retention).
  2. Basic retention on storage policy settings.

Manage Retention of Individual Jobs

Extended retention is not supported for Oracle Archiving jobs. You must manually retain the job to keep it for a longer time period.

You can extend the expiration date of a specific job. This will override the default retention set at the corresponding storage policy. Note that if the data resides on removable media, the media will not be recycled until the jobs are manually aged. For more information, see Retaining a Job.

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