Agent Properties (AD Server)

Use this tab to specify one or more Active Directory (AD) servers (that is, domain controllers) that host an Exchange Server. Specifying additional AD Servers provides complete data protection of all Exchange mailboxes.

AD Server List

A list of Active Directory (AD) servers that are associated with the agent. You can add or delete Active Directory (AD) servers. For example, you might need to add an AD server in these cases:

  • If an Exchange Server is installed in a child domain and the schema master is in the parent domain, add the Active Directory (AD) server name of the schema master in the parent domain.
  • If a domain or forest has multiple domain controllers that might not fully replicate to each other, multiple domain controllers can be added to ensure that the complete list of mailboxes are protected.

When you add an Active Directory (AD) server, use a hostname, a fully qualified domain name, or an IP address.

Last modified: 4/11/2018 9:44:27 PM