Cassandra Restore Options - Online Help

Choose the Cassandra restore options.

Out of Place Restore

Select this check box when you want to perform an out of place restore, or to replace a dead node.

Destination Instance

The software makes this list available when you select the Out of Place Restore check box. Select the new Cassandra instance.


You must set a target for every source. If you are replacing a dead node, then select the placeholder node.

The software restores the data from one or more source nodes to the target node.



Set a source node to a unique target

In the row for the source, from the Target list, select the node.

Set multiple source nodes to the same target

  1. In the Source column, select the nodes to set to the same target, and then click Set Target.

    The Select Target dialog box appears.

  2. From the Select Target list, select the node, and then click OK.

Replace Dead Node

Select this check box when you want to replace a dead node.

Use SSTableLader Tool

Have the software invoke sstableloader to load the data into the database.

When you select this option, you must provide a path in the Staging Location box.

Restore Commit Log

Select this check box to restore the commit log.

Note: Cassandra requires a restart of the Cassandra service when you restore a commit log.


Have the software recover the database

Do Not Recover

Have the Commvault software restore the database files for the selected keyspaces/ColumnFamily to the staging path, and to prevent the software from recovering the database after the restore.

Staging Location

The full path to the staging location.

 Number of Streams

The number of streams the software uses for the restore operation.


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