Backup Process

A backup operation for Red Hat Virtualization includes the following stages:

  1. Discover virtual machines based on subclient content properties.
  2. For each virtual machine that is discovered, create a client computer entry in the CommCell Browser.
  3. Identify the virtual machines to be included in the backup and the VSA proxies that can be used to perform the backup.
  4. Assign backup streams to proxies.
  5. Create virtual machine snapshots.
  6. For each source VM:
    1. Mount disks on the proxy (hot-plug).
    2. Read extents from snapshots.
    3. Compute CRC values to identify changed data.
    4. Write data to backup media.
    5. After the backup completes, unmount the disks from the proxy (hot-unplug) and delete the virtual machine snapshot.
  7. Clean up the Job Results folder on the proxy and complete the backup job.

Last modified: 1/18/2019 5:04:41 PM