Configuring Ownership and Permissions in a VM Client for the VSA with VMware

To display virtual machines in the CommCell Console, see Displaying Virtual Machines in the CommCell Browser.

Perform these steps to add owners for virtual machines:

  1. In the CommCell Browser, go to Client Computers.
  2. Right-click a client or virtual machine and select Properties.
  3. Click the Security tab.
    1. Click the Associations subtab and then click Add.
    2. Set permissions:
      • To inherit the permissions assigned to a user group, select the user or group from the top list and click Add to associate the client computer group with the user or group.
      • To use role-based permissions, select the role from the Role list.
    3. Click OK.
    4. Click the Owners subtab.
    5. Enter the user name in the Users box or a user group name in the User Groups box.

      You can enter an Active Directory name in the form domain_name\user_name, an Active Directory user group in the form domain_name\group_name, or a CommCell user or group name.

  4. Click OK.

To perform this operation using the command line, see Setting Client Owners and Client Owner Permissions Using the Command Line Interface.

Last modified: 5/6/2019 8:24:13 PM