Linked Clone with Dedicated User Assignment (Persistent)

When a View Composer server is present, View desktop virtual machines can be provisioned in a linked clone configuration. This enables a replica disk to serve as a static read-only master disk that is shared by multiple VMs. All changes made to these linked clones are written to delta disks that serve as unique identifiers for these VMs.

In a dedicated user assignment configuration, user data that needs to be protected is preserved on these desktops. To protect user data, the vSphere folder that is automatically created at the time the View pool is created can be targeted as the content in a CommVault Virtual Server Agent subclient as described in Full Virtual Machines with Dedicated User Assignment (Persistent). The CommVault protection operation merges the replica disk with the checkpoint delta disk to create a point-in-time image of the linked clone.

Last modified: 2/12/2019 5:23:46 PM