Dev-Test Groups Overview

Dev-Test Groups allow you to create a virtual lab from a backup or replication job and then use it to validate job content. You can create a dev-test group by using either a Live Mount policy or a Virtual Labs policy to define the mount location and other settings for the group of VMs. Validate content on the VMs immediately after creating the Dev-Test Group, or set the validation to run on a schedule. You can then access the virtual lab from Web Console.

Dev-Test Groups are available only for VMware and Amazon instances.

IP Masquerading

early release

IP Masquerading is a form of Network Address Translation (NAT). It provides a way to modify addresses and port numbers in IP packets. With these modifications, one Linux machine can act as a gateway between a private network and a public network (accessible externally). This means that all of the machines on the private network can inconspicuously reach the public network through the Masqueraded IP addresses configured on the Gateway.

IP Masquerading is currently supported for VMware virtual server agent types.

To enable IP Masquerading:

  1. Create a VMware Lab Policy with IP Masquerading enabled. For more information, see Creating a Restore as Lab Policy for VMware.
  2. Create a Dev-Test group associated with the policy that you created in the previous step. For more information, see Creating Dev-Test Groups.


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