Best Practices for the EMC Unity Storage Array

Review the following best practices before using EMC Unity.


  • The EMC Unity storage array supports snapshot operations at the consistency group level.
    If your LUNs are part of a consistency group, put all LUNs of the consistency group in the same subclient. If you put only a subset of the LUNs of the consistency group in a subclient, then snapshot operations on the subclient might also affect the LUNs that are not configured in the subclient, but are part of the consistency group.
  • The maximum number of snapshots varies based on the array model and on the array software version.
  • Ensure that sufficient disk space is available for snapshot operations and the disk space used by snapshots is monitored frequently.
    The space requirement for snapshots created during IntelliSnap backup can vary based on your environment. The space utilization is dependent on the number of snapshots created and the retention period defined for the snapshots.
  • From V11 SP11, the Commvault software creates read-only snapshots for EMC Unity snapshots and the access type of the .ckpt file is hidden and read-only.

Last modified: 4/19/2018 10:01:50 PM