Advanced Configuration for the HDS Storage Array

Verify if Client Setup is Correct for HDS CCI Engine

  1. Create a horcm instance with the command device to test raidcom commands.
  2. Start the horcm instance. If the instance fails to start, look at the horcm logs for more details.
  3. After horcm instance started successfully, try the following raidcom commands

    raidcom -login –IM<inst no> -s <serial>

    Use your horcm instance number for <inst> and array’s serial number for <serial>.

    raidcom lock resource -resource_name meta_resource –IM<inst no>
    -s <serial>

    raidcom unlock resource -resource_name meta_resource –IM<inst no>
    -s <serial>

    If any of the above commands fail, check the horcm logs for more detail. Also make sure user privileges and command device properties are set correctly.

  4. Only on Windows systems, to verify if the following command returns a valid command device for your array, type the following.

    raidscan –x findcmddev 1-100

Last modified: 3/22/2019 8:39:35 PM