HPV0021: Cannot restore files from a Windows 2012 virtual machine using deduplication


When restoring from a backup of a Windows 2012 virtual machine that has deduplication enabled, a file-level restore completes successfully but only creates stub files.


Windows 2012 provides its own native deduplication capability. If a Windows 2012 VM has native deduplication enabled, file-level restores from backups are not supported because the backed up files are only stored as stubs.


To retrieve files from a backup for a Windows 2012 VM using deduplication, use the Virtual Machine files option on the Restore Options dialog to restore the virtual machine disk that contains the files.

Alternatively, you can install a local file system agent on the Windows 2012 VM to enable file-level restores.

Last modified: 10/30/2018 6:27:25 PM