Manually Creating a Sybase Master Database

When you restore a Sybase sever or the master database, you must create the master database when you do not select the Sybase Create Devices option (Restore Options dialog box).


  1. Shut down the Sybase server.
  2. Remove the old master database device and delete the master.dat file from the database directory.
  3. On the command line, type the following to create the new master device with an empty password.

    <command_location>/dataserver -s <server_name> -b <device_size> -f -z <page_size> -d <device_name> -c <server_configuration_file>


    /sybase/syb1503/ASE-15_0/bin/dataserver -s S1503LNX -b200M -f -z 2048 -d /sybase/syb1503/data/master.dat -c /sybase/syb1503/ASE-15_0/S1503LNX.cfg

  4. On the command line, type the following to alter the master database.

    alter database master on master="<master_database>"


    alter database master on master="87M"

  5. Restart the Sybase server.

Last modified: 3/1/2018 8:02:53 PM