Array Controller Properties

Array controllers can perform operations on the storage array.

If there you do not select any array controller for snapshot pruning, then the source client is used for pruning snapshots.

If you select the Pruning check box for any array controller, then the source clients are not used and the pruning operation can only be done by the selected array controllers.



Available Array Controllers

A list of available MediaAgents that can be configured as array controllers to perform operations on the storage array.

Selected Array Controllers

The MediaAgents that have been configured to perform operations on the storage array.

When an operation is to be performed on a storage array, such as pruning snapshots, the first MediaAgent in the list that is configured to perform the operation will do so. If that MediaAgent is unavailable or is not configured to perform the operation, the request is sent to the next MediaAgent in the list, and so on.

Array Controller Roles

Specifies the configurable operations that the MediaAgent can perform on the array as an array controller.





When selected, the MediaAgent can perform pruning operations on the storage array.



Last modified: 1/12/2018 9:35:13 PM