Exchange System Discovery Tool - Advanced

Table of Contents

Specifying Mailboxes

Running Multiple Instances of the Tool

Uploading Multiple Zip Files

Specifying Mailboxes

You can specify a subset of the mailboxes by using their display name for discovery for an individual mailbox or by using a regular expression to match a group of mailboxes.

The following regular expressions are supported.


Search Description (what to enter in the Mailbox Name on the Enter Service Account Details screen.)


Specific mailboxes

Each mailbox name on a separate line.

Jane Doe

Fred Bloggs

Mailboxes that fall within a range of letters

The range of letters followed by “*”.


Mailboxes that start with the same letter

The first letter of the mailbox name followed by a "*".


Mailboxes that start with particular word

The starting word of mailbox name followed by a “*”.


Mailboxes that contain a name

The mailbox name with a "*" before and after the name.


Running Multiple Instances of the Tool

You can run multiple instances of discovery tool for same or different exchange servers. Use regular expressions to run multiple instances.

Uploading Multiple Zip Files

You can upload multiple files to the cloud as part of the same prediction request.  You receive consolidated reports for the submitted files.

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