Creating a Client Group to Stage Laptop Backup Clients

By default, the Laptop Clients group is available in the CommCell Console. When a user installs the Installation package on a laptop, the laptop is automatically added to the Laptop Clients group and is backed up as per the backup schedule.

If you want to add additional configurations on the laptop client, create an additional client group and name it as "Waiting Room", and then install the laptop package. This group may be used as a staging area to configure additional configurations on the laptop client before performing the first backup.

Examples of additional configurations:

  • Enable Client Level Encryption
  • Enable Content Indexing
  • Enable Client Side Deduplication

For more information about Client Groups, see Client Computer Groups - Getting Started.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, right-click Client Computer Groups and then click New Group.

  2. In the Group Name box,  specify the name as Waiting Room or any name of your choice.

  3. Click the Activity Control tab, disable Enable Backup and Enable Restore check boxes, and then click OK. This prevents the backup and restore operation to run on the laptop client as soon as the client is added to the Waiting Room client group.
  4. Create the laptop installation package using the Waiting Room client group. For more information on how to create the laptop package, see Creating a Laptop Backup Installation Package. The laptop is then added as a client under the Waiting Room client group.
  5. Enable the Laptop Registration workflow. The Workflow will configure the additional settings for the laptops in the waiting room and then move the laptop from the Waiting Room group to Laptop Backup group. After the laptop moves to the Laptop Backup group, the backups will be performed as per the schedule policy. See Workflow Operations - Enable/Disable a Workflow for step-by-step instructions.

    Modify the Laptop Registration workflow to perform post install actions based on your business requirements.

Last modified: 3/9/2018 3:06:48 PM