Configuring the Edge Drive Index Server

To enable users to search for Edge Drive files in the Web Console, configure an Index Server for Edge Drive.

Files stored in Edge Drive clients are indexed using an Index Server. The Index Server is required to view files in Edge Drive.

For more information about the Index Store and Index Server, see Index Store and Index Server Overview.

Before You Begin

If you are not the CommCell administrator, you must have a security association that includes a role with the Agent Management or Administrative Management permission and an association with the Index Store client you select when configuring the Index Server.

For information on adding a security association to a user, see Administering the Security Associations of a User.

  • If you have a firewall setup, make sure the port used by the Index Store client is open for connections within the network.


  1. Install the Index Store package on the Web Server for Edge Drive.

    For more information, see Installing the Index Store Package.

  2. From the CommCell Console, create an Index Server, configure the Index Store client as a node on the Index Server, and add the Edge Drive role on the Index Server.

    For instructions, see Adding an Index Server Entity to Your CommCell Environment.

What to Do Next

After you have configured at least one Index Server, add an Edge Drive client to enable Edge Drive for end users. See Creating and Configuring an Edge Drive Client.

Last modified: 3/7/2019 9:37:30 PM