Missing Laptop

If your Data Loss Prevention (DLP) enabled laptop is ever lost or stolen, you must report your laptop missing to ensure that your locked files are secure. When a laptop is reported missing, your locked files will require an authorized user's passkey to open and read their contents. After you report your laptop missing from the Web Console, you can also choose to erase files on your laptop for additional security.

There are two ways to report your laptop missing:

  • Contact your administrator, who can mark your laptop as missing from the CommCell Console.
  • Log in to your Web Console account and mark your laptop as missing. See Reporting Your Missing Laptop.

If You Recover Your Laptop

If you have marked your laptop as lost or stolen and later recover your laptop, you can go to the Web Console and report your laptop as found. Marking your laptop found will return DLP to your normal settings.

See Reporting Your Recovered Laptop.

Last modified: 6/27/2019 6:29:52 PM