Identifying the API Name for a Salesforce  Object

Before you add the ObjectStore to an object, you must get the object API.

For a standard object, the API name is the name as the standard object. For example, the "Campaign" object API name is "Campaign".

For custom object names, the API names end with the suffix "__c". For example, if the custom object is "Inventory", the API name "Inventory__c".


  1. Sign in to Salesforce with a Salesforce administrator account.
  2. Click Setup in the upper right corner of the page.
  3. In the navigation pane, click Build > Create > Objects.

    The Objects page displays the custom objects.

  4. Click the object name.

    The Object page displays the object details.

  5. Under Object Definition Detail, note the API name value, for example, "Inventory__c".

What to Do Next

Create a new Visualforce page for a Salesforce object.

Last modified: 8/14/2018 7:53:54 PM