Search and Analytics

Commvault search and analytics provide solutions for metadata indexing, content indexing, advanced query building, visualization, and more to enable you to locate, discover, and get the most value out of your backed up and non-backed up data sources. Commvault provides standalone search and analytics solutions, such as Data Cube and Data Analytics, as well as plug-in support for many other Commvault and third-party products. You can also use the search and analytics solutions in your own application development with the RESTful APIs available for you to use.

Standalone Search Applications

Some standalone examples of search products include the following:

  • Activate for GDPR

    Activate is a set of applications available in Command Center to help you discover sensitive content, such as personally identifiable information or other types of named entities, that exist in your live and backed up data. With Activate, you can monitor your infrastructure, identify potential risks, and resolve potential issues from a convenient web interface. Activate includes an information governance analyzer (IGA) module and a framework to perform end-user or subject access requests (SAR) for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

  • Compliance Search

    A platform to perform legal and compliance-related searches, including advanced search queries, data collection and categorization functions, and export tools. Compliance Search uses the Search Engine software.

  • End-User Search from the Web Console

    Endpoint users can search their backed up data from the Web Console and restore the data directly from their web browser.

Integrated Search Capabilities

Commvault also offers features to support search in third-party software, such as the following:

Custom Search Application Development

You can also create your own search applications using the following product:

  • Data Cube

    Data Cube is a product that allows you to connect to different data silos in your environment. Data Cube also provides a set of RESTful APIs, data handlers, and other functions that make it a very powerful tool to use for powering your own search applications.

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