View File Analytics Reports from the Web Console

After running an analytics job, you can view the File Analytics Report from the Web Console.

Before You Begin

Your administrator must have configured your user credentials to view Data Analytics reports in the Web Console. For more information, see User Requirements for Viewing Data Analytics Reports.


  1. Log on to the Web Console.
  2. Access the report from one of the following pages:
    • My Data page
      1. From the Web Console, click My Data.
      2. Click the Computers tab.
      3. Click Show Details in the Actions column for the computer_name that you require.
      4. A summary view of the Backup Analytics Report is displayed.
    • Analytics page
      1. From the Web Console, click Analytics.
      2. Click File Analytics.

From here you can:

Use the File Analytics Report to...

Refer to...

view a summary of information for data on a specific client or client group, including space usage by:

  • Modified Date
  • File Size
  • File Type(s)

View Summary Information for a Client or Client Group

find outdated files, which can be deleted or moved to secondary storage

Analyze Outdated Files

Analyze Files by Last Access Time

find large or redundant files that can be deleted

Analyze Large Files

find unauthorized file types such as:

  • videos
  • MP3 music files
  • other non-business essential files

Analyze Files by Type

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