Adding Additional Storage Enclosures

As of Version 11 SP10, Commvault does not sell the A600, A410 or the A210 Appliance anymore. You can purchase the Commvault HyperScale Appliance instead. For more information, see Commvault HyperScale Appliance.

By default, the Commvault Appliance A600 is deployed with two storage enclosures. However, you can add capacity to the existing appliance to meet the growing demands for data backup and recovery.

You can also create additional deduplication storage policies and assign them to the disk library.

Before You Begin

Ensure the your hardware is set up correctly. To review the power cable configuration for the racks, Verifying the Racking and Cabling Commvault Appliance A600.


  1. To configure additional storage arrays, double-click the Disk Target Configuration icon on the desktop.

    The utility detects the E-Series E2712 array and configure the volumes on the disk library.

  2. To automatically configure RAID group and volumes on the storage array, click Configure.

    You will be prompted for a password if the default password was changed using the SANtricity Storage Manager. (The default password is password.)

  3. Click OK to confirm the configuration and exit the wizard.

    Note: For each tray with 2 TB drives, the wizard configures 2 mount paths.

    For each tray with 4 TB drives, the wizard configures 4 mount paths.

  4. On the desktop, click the Commvault CommCell Console icon and verify that the additional mount paths are added under the existing disk library.

Last modified: 3/1/2018 10:00:26 PM