Installer: Enter the Host Names of the Computers

Use this page in the wizard to specify the host names of the computers on which you want to install the software.

In the editable box, you must enter the host name (fully qualified domain name) of one or more computers. For example: mycomputer.mydomain.mycompany.com

If you are installing on a cluster environment, enter the host name of the physical cluster nodes (the active node as well as the passive nodes). For example, if your cluster group is hosted on two nodes (physicalcomputer1 and physicalcomputer2), then specify as follows:


Note: When specifying the host names, do not use spaces or the following characters:


Make sure that the computers where you plan to install the software are reachable from the CommServe computer.

  • Import From File

    Click to select a text file which lists the host names of the computers on which you want to install the software.

    The text file must have one host name per line. All file formats are supported.

  • Import From Active Directory

    Use this option if you want to install the software on computers from a specific domain.

    Click to enter the directory service server information where the computers reside.

  • Select from Existing Clients

    Use this option if you are installing the software on clients that are part of your CommCell environment.

    Click to select from a list of clients currently associated with your CommCell. All the clients that satisfy the requirements for installing the software will appear in the list.

Last modified: 2/22/2019 10:12:39 PM