Create Template Wizard: Template Validation

Use this page in the wizard to validate some log data against a template. The contents of this page are also available in the Template Validation dialog box, which appears if you click Validate in the Manage Templates dialog box.

Select Template

Displays all the templates used for monitoring text log files, Windows events and SysLogs.

Enter the Text to be validated

One or more lines from the log file to be monitored. You should copy and paste the text directly from the log. If you want to manually type the text, make sure that the text is in the correct sequence and format, and with the correct delimiters.


Validates the text you specified against the selected template. The validation process compares the text against each of the columns defined in the template.

If the validation succeeds, the table displays the template columns along with the corresponding values extracted from the text.

Last modified: 2/20/2019 10:33:03 PM