Laptop Backup

The Laptop Backup feature enables you to protect data residing on laptops and desktops used in remote locations.

Key Features:

Quick and Automated Backups

Seamless backups using automatic schedules based on network connectivity.

Improved Resource Utilization

Deduplication technology, coupled with intelligent backup scheduling dramatically improves the ability to protect distributed data with optimized disk resources.

Network Optimized Backups

Backups over any network – LAN, WAN or VPN with dynamic bandwidth throttling.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Instant access to data using any web browser or the mobile application CommVault Edge.

Integrated Security Features

Full encryption at all stages and secured network access (HTTPS) used together for data security.

Automated Customization Based on Business Rules

Ability to configure additional settings such as encryption, retention policies, and content indexing before performing the backups.

Faster Outlook PST Backups

The Commvault Laptop solution backs up Outlook PST files just like regular files, without using the MAPI protocol, which results in significantly faster backups. Active PST files (PST files open in Outlook) are also backed up using Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service. You can view and restore all e-mails in the PST files using the PST Archiving solution. For more information on PST Archiving, see PST Archiving.

Multi-Tenant CommCell Environment

You can configure the CommServe computer as a service provider to share your CommCell environment with multiple organizations or companies. Tenants are users that register with the service provider to protect and manage their client data.

For more information, see Multi-Tenant CommCell Environment.

Last modified: 1/14/2018 3:35:27 AM