Components Migrated by the Migration Assistant

You can migrate the data that resides on your laptop to another laptop. The following user setting components are migrated by the migration assistant.

User Setting Components

What Is Migrated

Appearance and Personalization


  • Desktop Background
  • Screensaver

    Folder Options

  • Advanced settings

Clock, Language and Region

Region and Language

  • Formats
  • Location
  • Keyboards and Languages

Internet Explorer Settings

  • General tab - Home Page
  • Security tab - Security Levels, Sites for all zones (Local Intranet, Trusted sites, Restricted sites)
  • Privacy tab - Settings, Location, Pop-up Blocker, InPrivate
  • Advanced tab - Settings

Windows Media Player Settings

  • Library
  • Plug-Ins
  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Network
  • Player
  • Rip Music
  • Devices
  • Performance

Mapped or Shared Network Drives

All network mapped drives for user profiles are migrated.

Microsoft Outlook Settings

Outlook Profiles are migrated by the Migration Assistant.

Last modified: 1/15/2018 5:06:20 AM