Create Amazon Client

Use this dialog box to select nodes for an Amazon client. The Amazon client uses the selected nodes to perform backup jobs.

Any client computer that has the Virtual Server Agent installed on it can be selected as a node.

Client Name

Enter the Amazon client name that will appear in the CommCell Browser.


To restrict communication to specific regions, enter the regions as comma-separated values.

By default, the VSA proxy tries to communicate with all regions.

IAM role

Use an IAM role authentication.

Access and Secret Key

Use the Access and Secret Key authentication.

Access Key

Enter the Access Key ID that is associated with your Amazon EC2 account.

Secret Key

Enter the Secret Access Key that is associated with your Amazon EC2 account.


Click this to add proxies to the Amazon client. You can add any computer as a proxy if it has Virtual Server iDataAgent installed. You must add at least one proxy to the Amazon client.


Select a proxy from the list of proxies and click this to remove the selected proxies from the virtualization client.

Clients / Client Groups

Displays the list of clients or client groups which are included as proxies in the Amazon client.

The first proxy in the list will act as a Coordinator. During the backup the coordinator communicates with available proxies and distributes the virtual machines across proxies for load balancing. It also distributes required resources (e.g. streams) amongst the proxies.

You can change the order of proxies in the list by clicking the up arrow or down arrow .

If a client group is added in the list of proxies, the first client in the client group will become the Coordinator.

Save as Script

Click to open the Save As Script dialog, which allows you to save this operation and the selected options as a script file (in XML format). The script can later be executed from the Command Line Interface using qoperation execute command.

Select Clients/Client Groups


This list displays all clients that have the Virtual Server Agent installed. If the clients are members of a client group, the name of the group also appears in the list.

Include / Include All

Click this button to include the selected clients or client groups in the list of nodes.


This is a list of clients or client groups that are included as nodes in the Amazon client.

Exclude/ Exclude All

Click this button to exclude the selected clients or client groups from the list of nodes.

Last modified: 6/6/2018 4:18:41 PM