CPU Sockets on Hypervisor Hosts: Usage Calculation for Client Access License

The following data is included in the usage calculation for CPU Sockets on Hypervisor Hosts covered by a Client Access License.

Included Data

Counts all CPU sockets on a physical Hypervisor host based on the last successful full or synthetic full backup of a virtual machine residing in the host.

Usage Increase

License usage can increase by adding more Hypervisor hosts, which will also add the number of backup jobs.

Usage Decrease

License usage can decrease by:

  • Removing Hypervisor hosts from the CommCell environment and aging the backup jobs that ran for those Hypervisor hosts.
  • Disabling activity on subclients.

Excluded Data

Hypervisor host where full or synthetic full backups do not complete on any of the virtual machines residing in the host.

Last modified: 2/26/2019 7:45:36 PM