Increasing the Pipeline Buffers

The data pipe buffers setting configures the amount of shared memory allocated on a computer for data pipes. The size of each buffer is 64K. By default, 30 data pipe buffers are established on each server. You can increase the data transfer throughput from the client by increasing the number of data pipe buffers by:

  • Setting the number of pipeline buffers and the pipeline buffer size from the subclient level from the Commcell Console. For more information, see subclient specific performance tab.
  • The number of pipeline buffers can also be set by using the nNumPipelineBuffers additional settings. For more information on configuring an additional settings see, Add or Modify an Additional Setting.

When you increase the number of data pipe buffers, more shared memory is consumed by the client or MediaAgent. This may degrade the server performance. Therefore, before increasing the number of data pipe buffers, ensure that adequate shared memory is available. You can optimize the number of data pipe buffers by monitoring the number of concurrent backups completed on the server.

Last modified: 8/10/2018 3:28:25 PM