Auxiliary Copy

You can improve the performance of Auxiliary Copy operations using the following guidelines:

Configuring an Alert

The Auxiliary copy operation enables you to create a secondary copies of data associated with a storage policy. When the data to be copied exceeds a specific threshold or if the data is not copied for specific number of days, you can receive a notification. Once you receive the notification, you can optimize and troubleshoot the auxiliary copy operation.

You can enable an alert to receive the notification and set the thresholds. For more information, refer to Auxiliary Copy - Alert.

Optimizing the Auxiliary Copy Operation for Tapes

  • Validate the drives before performing any backup operation. For more information, refer to Validating Drives in a Library.
  • Check if the software and hardware compression is enabled for the jobs to be copied. For more information, refer to Data Compression.
  • Review the Auxiliary Copy logs to determine if the same media is mounted multiple times.

Increase the Number of Signature Look Ups in the Destination Deduplication Database

You can improve the DASH copy efficiency by performing more signature lookups on the destination DDB by

  • Setting the number of read ahead links for deduplication from the subclient level from the Commcell Console. For more information, see subclient specific performance tab.
  • Optionally you can set the DataMoverLookAheadLinkReaderSlots additional setting's value to 64. For more information on configuring an additional settings see, Add or Modify an Additional Settingg.

Last modified: 8/10/2018 3:28:28 PM