Step 3: Complete the Core Setup Wizard

When you log on to the Command Center for the first time, a setup wizard guides you through the core setup required by the applications available in the Command Center. After you complete the core setup, you can complete the setup wizards specific to the applications you need.

The core setup includes the following:

  • Registering your product
  • Configuring an email server
  • Adding storage

Information you will need to complete the core setup wizard:

  • An account on the Commvault Cloud website
  • The name and port number of your email server
  • The location of the disk library where you want to store backed up data

What to Do Next

In an application tile, click Complete setup to start the setup wizard for a specific application. For example, to start the setup wizard for the Virtualization application, click Complete setup in the Virtualization tile.

Last modified: 11/26/2019 6:25:09 PM