Download Center

The Download Center is an interface for organizing digital resources, or packages, in your enterprise and making them available for end-users to download from the Web Console.

After an administrator configures the Download Center, packages can be added to the Download Center from any network location or Web Server (repositories). When packages are added to the Download Center, metadata is added. End-users search, sort, and filter the list of packages based on the metadata. Packages are stored in their original location, so when a user logs in to the Web Console and downloads a package from the Download Center, the package is retrieved directly from the repository and downloaded to the user's machine. Although the Download Center is a central location for end-users to obtain digital resources, there is no need for a central storage location for packages, which eliminates unnecessary data movement and duplicated data.


Packages: The digital resources that can be downloaded from Download Center are referred to as packages in this documentation.

Download Center Repository: The Download Center repository is the Web Server or network share where packages are hosted. Repositories must be added and configured in Download Center before you can upload packages.

Last modified: 4/9/2019 2:08:47 PM