Microsoft OneDrive for Business Instance Properties (Auto Discover)

Use this dialog box to view and edit the information about a Microsoft OneDrive for Business instance.

Enable Auto Discover

When this check box is selected, it enables the auto discovery of user accounts. The CommServe automatically discovers the new user accounts every 24 hours.

Note: The backup operation does not discover the new user accounts. It backs up only the already discovered user accounts. All the new user accounts added within the last 24 hours are automatically discovered by the CommServe.

  • Match User Name by regular expressions

    Select this option to discover the user accounts that match the filters and wildcard expressions that you provide while automatically discovering user accounts.

  • Azure Group Affinity

    Select this option to discover the user accounts that are part of a sub-organization created on Microsoft OneDrive for Business.

Last modified: 11/12/2018 5:39:53 AM