Best Practices (Indexing Version 2)

To obtain the best results with local index storage, apply the following best practices:

  • Use a volume dedicated to the index cache directory formatted with a block allocation size of 4K.
  • Use the IOmeter tool to test the I/O Operations Per Second (IOPS) on the drive. For more information, see Using IOPS for Testing Index Directory Performance.
  • Configure antivirus exclusions for Windows and UNIX.
  • For Microsoft Windows MediaAgents, disable Microsoft Windows indexing service on the drive where the index cache resides. For more information, see Microsoft documentation.
  • For Microsoft Windows MediaAgents, do not enable Windows Deduplication on a volume that contains the index cache directory, as this may cause a significant drop in performance and may cause jobs to fail.
  • Do not locate the index cache directory on the system drive of the MediaAgent hosting it.
  • Do not locate the index cache directory on a compressed drive.
  • For best performance, locate the index cache directory on a solid state drive (SSD) disk.
  • Do not locate the index cache directory folder directly under the <software_installation_directory>.
  • For UNIX, do not specify root as the index cache directory.
  • When entering the complete index cache directory path, ensure the following:
    • Do not use special characters.
    • Do not use any Unicode characters.

      Note: The overall path length, including the index cache directory folder name, is limited to 75 characters.

Last modified: 11/19/2019 4:06:42 PM