Collecting Query Performance Data Using WIA Trace on the CommCell Console

You can collect data about query performance for queries running on the CommServe database using the WIA Setup button in the CommCell Console. After the data is collected, you can analyze it to troubleshoot problems in SQL Server Management Studio.

Before You Begin

Your user account must be a member of the Master user group and have an association with the CommCell entity to view the WIA setup button.


  1. On the CommCell Console ribbon, click Control Panel > Troubleshooting Settings.

    The Troubleshooting Settings dialog box appears.

  2. Click WIA Setup.

    A message appears that says the WIA script will be downloaded from http://whoisactive.com/downloads/who_is_active_v11_30.zip, and then executed.

    If a WIA job is running, a message appears that says a WIA job is running in the background and asks if you want to stop it.

  3. Allow the script to download and run:
    • Click OK to allow the script to download and run.
    • If a WIA job is already running, click Yes to start a new WIA setup job.

What to Do Next

Last modified: 4/16/2019 2:21:40 PM