Deleting an NFS or CIFS Share Using the CvConfigureArchiveStore Utility

You can unexport the NFS or CIFS share by using the CvConfigureArchiveStore utility. When a share is unexported, the corresponding CIFS share will also be removed.

If Samba server is disabled, then the corresponding Samba share becomes stale.


  • From software_installation_directory/Base type the following command:

    python CvConfigureArchiveStore delete -m TDFSSERVER -n NFSCLIENTIP -s SHARE [-v {1,2}] [-h]


python CvConfigureArchiveStore delete -m 3dnfstest.example.com -n -s 3dfsnfsshare -v 2

For information on parameters for deleting an NFS Share, see NFS Share Unexport Parameters.


Sample output of the unexport command:



Possible error code values are as follows:

  • 0: The unexport command executed successfully
  • -1: The unexport command failed
  • -7: Connectivity issue with the NFS server
  • -9: Reached the limit for number of unexports. Applicable for FSM type 4.

Last modified: 8/1/2018 9:08:18 AM