CommServe Database Restore Considerations

If you use the SQL Agent to back up and restore the CommServe database, be aware of the following considerations.

The Commvault software enforces rules when you perform a restore operation to prevent the CommServe server from going down during the CommServe database restore operation. When you perform a restore operation, the software filters the destination server list and only presents SQL servers that meet the following requirements:

  • SQL servers that have the same SQL version as the CommServe database server.
  • SQL servers that do not host the CommServe database.

If you want to restore to any of the following servers, you must rename the CommServe database before you perform the restore operation:

  • SQL servers that have a higher SQL version than the CommServe database server.
  • The server that hosts the CommServe database.

Last modified: 5/15/2018 3:59:16 PM