Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Exchange Mailbox Agent

You can view additional information about the Exchange Mailbox Agent in the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).


Why are the messages that were moved from the PST file to an existing folder in the user mailbox, not archived?

If messages older than the received time of the messages that are processed by the earlier archive jobs, are moved to an existing folder of a mailbox from a PST, the incremental jobs will not protect these messages as their time stamp would be earlier than the first archived message. This is due to the design of the incremental archive job using reference time. Inorder to archive the full mailbox, you must add the regkey "bConvertMBJobToFull", which when set to "True" displays the option to "Convert to Full" in the Archive option tab of the archive job.

Can I only backup my mailbox data and not archive or stub any emails?

If you just want to protect your mailbox (just backup and no stubbing/moving of emails), then you can assign ONLY Commvault Exchange archiving policy to the Mailbox and run archive jobs.

Should I add anything to the inclusion folder?

Only selected folders are archived in an inclusion folder set. Archiving operation is an email backup operation, and ideally, we should protect all emails. Therefore, nothing must be added to the inclusion folder.

What can be done for departed employees whose mailbox we still want to keep active?

You can create a departed user group and disable the archiving job for them. Each mailbox will be updated with the Disabled status. Any additional mailboxes that are discovered during the 24 hour cycle will be added to that group and they will assume the Disabled status as well.

Content Indexing

Do I need to run content indexing for all users?

No. You can enable the full search feature, including email body searches, for a specific set of users, and then run content indexing only for those users.

Can I change the index server?

Yes. However, you should schedule some down time when you change the index server. After you change the index server, index reconstruction begins immediately on a new index server. During reconstruction, the following operations will not work: browse, cleanup jobs, content indexing jobs, and recalls from all endpoints.

ContentStore Mail Server (SMTP)

Can we use ContentStore mailbox for group wise email archiving?

Any mail server, which can relay mails would work with Commvault ContentStore mail server(SMTP Gateway).


I want to use quota rules in the clean up policy. What is the best setting to ensure its efficiency?

Along with the quota rules, set the cleanup policy criteria for messages older than 0 years/months/days and larger than 0 KB.

Will a cleanup job stub the emails that are not archived yet?

No, a cleanup job will not stub emails that are not archived yet.


Can I use the same proxy for backing up multiple virtual clients, if yes, what are the factors that must be considered?

Yes.One backup stream consumes around 300MB, so as long as you have enough RAM, you can assign the same proxy that can be used for backing up multiple virtual clients.


Why do we need an Exchange Administrator role for Office 365 Service account?

Exchange Administrator role is needed to connect via Powershell and to assign permissions.

What is the alternate way to assign permissions to the service account, if the exchange administrator does not add the service account to the Organization Management group?

You can also assign permissions to the service account by running the following script from the Exchange PowerShell.


[string] $ServiceAccount,




add-adpermission -identity $distgName -user $ServiceAccount -AccessRights ReadProperty, GenericExecute -ExtendedRights "Receive-As" -InheritanceType All -erroraction:continue

add-adpermission -identity $distgName -user $ServiceAccount -AccessRights ReadProperty, GenericExecute -ExtendedRights "View Information Store Status" -InheritanceType All -erroraction:continue

add-adpermission -identity $distgName -user $ServiceAccount -AccessRights ReadProperty, GenericExecute -ExtendedRights "ms-Exch-Store-Create-Named-Properties" -InheritanceType All -erroraction:continue

add-adpermission -identity $distgName -user $ServiceAccount -AccessRights ReadProperty, GenericExecute -ExtendedRights "ms-Exch-Store-admin" -InheritanceType All -erroraction:continue

Can I create new service accounts, which have lower permission for Office 365?

Yes. However, the check readiness application will not work in the service accounts with lower permission (without the Administrator role).

To create new service accounts, you can run the following command from Office 365 Powershell:

New-RoleGroup -ROLENAME-Roles "ApplicationImpersonation","view-only Recipients" - members ServiceAccount

What are the steps after adding multiple new service accounts?

Configure permissions so that users can access the shared job results directory and add the service account in the local admin group for the access node.


Can I change the retention policy for any combination of user, ADGroup, and Database?

Yes. However, the emails marked for deletion will not be recovered for the index server.

Can I retain emails from individual mailboxes with different retention period?

Yes, you can do this by assigning different retention policies at the mailbox level.

Last modified: 4/16/2019 3:13:01 PM