Contents for Service Pack 12

  1. SharePoint Farm level backup may fail on non-English locale. 2718
  2. Performance enhancement for DataAging job 2712, 2713, 2714
  3. Data is not aging off of mount paths if they have chunks from NAS jobs 2710, 2711
  4. Restore from Copy (with Fast Copy or inline Copy option enabled) is Failing if the Aux copy was run for a NAS Backup with Restarts. 2710, 2711
  5. zfs snapshot of root volume is not skipped 2696
  6. FileScan memory usage is huge when there are more snapshots 2696
  7. CVDistributor process might crash intermittently on some linux machines 2689
  8. Installation of temporary client may fail when there is a firewall between the client and cs 2690
  9. Static IP may not be set after 1-Touch restore 2690
  10. 1-Touch restore of a v10 backed up client using v11 client may lead to BSOD when booting. 2690
  11. Gateway may not be set after 1-Touch restore 2690
  12. Filescan on incremental after synthfull/true up takes a long time when compared to regular incrementals 2682
  13. UNIX filesystem backup fails to backup files if Snap Backup and Backup Copy use different proxy machines. 2679
  14. Added support for IBM Cloud Object Storage. 2680, 2686
  15. Entity Extraction does not happen properly when Unicode characters and special characters are present in the document. 2677, 2685
  16. Loss of control process : ifind 2654
  17. AIX FLRDD Driver panicked crashing the server once SP11 was installed on certain conditions. 2653
  18. Automatically registering a client to a target CS different than master CS may not work when firewall is enabled on target CS 2650
  19. Registering a client from the CommCell console may fail. 2648
  20. add support for SEGY file index 2643, 2645
  21. Web-console support for the Seismic File System Connector 2646, 2655, 2658, 2660, 2661
  22. SharePoint Document backup with Direct Database Access (DDA) enabled may fail. 2641
  23. New feature 2639, 2640
  24. Log backup of a database is getting converted to full after a database with same name from different instance is restored with different name on the source instance where backup is running. 2636
  25. Laptop jobs may not run correctly 2630, 2631, 2635
  26. New custom client group functiont to list clients by Indexing MA 2615, 2616, 2617
  27. Able to create 2 different backed up datasources with same name under a project 2609, 2610, 2612, 2613
  28. No support to run CI job for a particular set of user mailboxes when email datasource is created 2609, 2610, 2612, 2613
  29. "Start data collection" starts live crawl job for a backed up datasource 2609, 2610, 2612, 2613
  30. Creating datasource from NAS client is failing 2609, 2610, 2612, 2613
  31. Creating multiple backupsets at the same time may fail with the error "Failed to create new subclient." 2608
  32. Excessive logging may fill up the system drive of SQL clusters. 2606
  33. Enhancements for Exchange browse tool. 2604
  34. live browse will fail for data disks if instance created from image 2594
  35. IntelliSnap ETERNUS snap mount operation may fail for VMware agent if the ESX host has IPv6 enabled. 2590
  36. Export to Web Server feature is not honoring preference set from search administration site. 2584, 2586, 2587, 2597
  37. MySQL MariaDB backup may fail. 2582
  38. Oracle backup on AIX may fail with channel allocation errors. 2581
  39. Laptops "Last seen location" may be incorrect on the WebConsole. 2575
  40. Office365 mailbox backups may consume high memory. 2573
  41. Creation of SQL AG instance may fail. 2570
  42. Oracle backups may fail on SunOS. 2569
  43. Modification time of migrated files may occasionally get bumped up to current 2547
  44. A DV2 job may go pending if partially modified index files are present in the chunk. 2543
  45. Full reconstruction jobs may fail due to read failures or failure to process chunk metadata. 2461
  46. Replication jobs might not run for Nutanix Snap engine. 2488, 2507
  47. Appaware backup may fail for sql clients when credentials contain special characters. 2460, 2486, 2521
  48. Unable to edit job summary report schedule when configured for calendar and Archive\Compliance Archive jobs. 2412
  49. Explorer copy of stubs residing on a folder that has the folder quota set, can cause the copy of the file to be an incomplete copy of the file. 2459
  50. Jobs may be stuck in the running state. 2449
  51. We need to create 2 datasourcetype, email and dbanalysis 2485, 2505, 2520, 2536
  52. Oracle backups and restore jobs may store passwords in rman script file and script file may not get cleaned up for long time. 2396
  53. DDB Data Verification Job on a cloud library may go pending with error "Sfile container file missing or corrupt during data verification job". 2446
  54. Metrics Collection Query 220 fails for Commservs with SQL Server 2008 2400
  55. Jobs may not age as expected. 2484, 2504
  56. Allow export to web server feature to be configured from search administration site 2483, 2503, 2517, 2528
  57. reduce CI engine memory usage 2392
  58. Content indexing job on a GRC commcell may not load balance across multiple nodes of the search engine. 2482, 2502, 2514
  59. Content indexing of synthetic full jobs on a GRC commcell may not complete. 2482, 2502, 2514
  60. When Oracle instance name is longer than 8 characters, the third party rman backup jobs start failing in job merge. 2443
  61. CvPlink.exe can not be launched from workflow 2376
  62. VSA jobs that are committed when the maximum number of attempts is exceeded may fail to browse and restore. 2389
  63. default Backupsets without the name of 'defaultDummyBackupset' appear in the Subclient without Storage Policy Association report. 2387
  64. Veritas Cluster configuration with Solaris local zones may fail. 2441
  65. ContentStore jobs fail after upgrading to SP11 when local job results folder is not the default 2439
  66. Guest File restore may fail for files or folders with special characters 2423, 2438
  67. Sometimes, clicking on an extracting entity in GDPR UI does not highlight it in the preview. 2476, 2496, 2526
  68. If comma is present in the pattern of a custom entity, the extracted entities are pushed as 2 separate entities. 2476, 2496, 2526
  69. Enhancements for space reclamation job with reporting option and incremental support. 2404
  70. Linux VirtualizeME may not display all disks in the recovery wizard. 2407
  71. Enhancement - Restriction of commands in python-based CLI for end-users 2397, 2401
  72. Unix Intersystems Cache DB Backup Browse shows nothing after second full backup of a Backup Set. 2394
  73. 1: VSA Agentless file restore may restore files along side the parent folder. 2: Parent folder of restored file has incorrect ownership and permission. 2374
  74. Upgrading 7z to version 18.5 2385
  75. Explorer plugin does not trigger locking of files from windows laptop. 2383
  76. Disk filters are not honored for managed VMs 2382
  77. VMware IntelliSnap backup using Pure storage array may fail when volume name is not refreshed in vCenter MOB 2371
  78. Case Manager job support for searching files based on user access. 2366
  79. RMAN image copy backup fails in 12cR1 some setups if dbname and dbuniquename are different. 2351
  80. Enhancement: Added code for pruning of records in RMReservationRequestHistory table. 2361, 2365
  81. CDR not replicating after enabling nExtraSockets in firewalled environment 2353
  82. Oracle OSC archivelog backups should monitor the Flash recovery Area usage if the archivelog location is Oracle Flash Recovery area 2320, 2321, 2322
  83. Oracle snap backup may fail if the log archive log dest points to the same path as FRA 2320, 2321, 2322
  84. Backup jobs may not get resources when storage policy has less number of streams available and VSA backups are running. 2302, 2303
  85. DR backup to cloud may fail when a proxy is configured to connect to the internet. 2297
  86. Schedule Policy shows 0 associated objects even though it has a client associated to it 2279, 2280
  87. Reports Save As/Schedule file may contain some table data at the top instead of the designated place. 2268, 2270
  88. Custom Reports included in health page PDF export have only 2 rows. 2268, 2270
  89. Web job summary report may show incorrect data when exported. 2268, 2270
  90. Linux guest VM IP address customization support for Live Sync (VMWare) 2262
  91. Content indexing optimize operation was running out of disk space. 2259
  92. new feature - VM customization of Linux VMs for VSA Live Sync 2261
  93. DASH auxcopy may fail with DDB record not found errors even when records are there. 2258
  94. Region based VM discovery is failing for Azure VMs in few regions. For e,g, Canada Central, South India 2257
  95. Keyword facet is disabled by default 2256
  96. add support for SEGY file index 2255, 2264
  97. Cloud backup may fail for Azure File Share if the number of the files is greater than 1000 in one folder. 2253
  98. Getting Glacier inventory result may fail in CloudTestTool.exe because the huge number of files. 2253
  99. ISAM Errors might be seen during playback. 2252
  100. LiveSync to ARM fails during NIC configuration 2249
  101. Large CI jobs may fail if TO, CC fields have large list of recipients. 2244, 2245
  102. 1. When VDC_Complete command enabled, we get the error message in Windows Application log. For example, [TYPE] Error [TIME] 2018/05/08 09:08:42 [SOURCE] SQLVDI [COMPUTER] l1pnchwapd01.columbuschildrens.net [DESCRIPTION] SQLVDI: Loc=CVDS::Close. Desc=Open devices!. ErrorCode=(0). Process=4956. Thread=4748. Client. Instance=. VD=Global\0ba5e8f2-bc7c-42b7-9a7d-41b48b205b4a_SQLVDIMemoryName_0. 2243
  103. Can't save Oracle subclient properties if user has no permission on the Storage Policy. 2239
  104. Duplicate Mailboxes in browse. 2230, 2233
  105. OneDrive group user discovery is slow. 2229
  106. infinite loop while downloading a OneDrive file 2229
  107. Failed items are not replayed 2229
  108. Killed the first Full backup and started incremental. But the Job detail shows it's Incremental job. It should be Full backup. 2229
  109. A delegated user cannot see email folders for a mailbox in the web interface 2228
  110. Delegate collection for mailbox fails when mailbox DN has '/' character in it 2228
  111. None 2227
  112. None 2226
  113. Enhancement to support oVirt 4.2.2 for Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV). 2225
  114. File Scan may crash during a windows file system backup of a cluster volume. 2224
  115. HANA backup jobs using client and client group schedules may fail with invalid store key errors. 2209
  116. Jobs may go pending after DR restore. 2205, 2208
  117. DPE & DAE capacity may increase due to Virtual Server backups incorrectly consuming more capacity. 2199, 2200
  118. Recovered stubs on XFS may have an incorrect access time. 2195
  119. Exported web console Backup Job Summary report may include duplicate jobs. 2187
  120. Recall might fail with PL_FS_READ_ERROR when there was network error between MA and CS 2181
  121. Entity Extraction job for backed up data failing. 2168, 2169, 2171
  122. Text pasted into the client group description is saved with HTML tags. 2151, 2152, 2153, 2154
  123. Lndb Tr logs replay may fail when linux filesystem on jobresults directory is different from that of TR log directory. 2148
  124. Journal mailbox cleanup job will not cleanup the mailbox if journal mailbox advance option set. 2135
  125. High CPU, memory usage in file activity anomaly detection 2130, 2139, 2141
  126. The Exchange Online index server playback sometimes fails with the error: "multiple values encountered for non multivalued field". 2137
  127. When Incremental is run in parallel with Syntheticfull or if we are using Latest cycle in Index key we may report index upto date when its not. 2127
  128. Fixes for issues in Custom dashboard feature. 2104
  129. Index playback may fail 2097
  130. Health Cleanup Report is shown Mount Path is offline but there is no Mount Path offline 2100
  131. OSC config has other schedules(laptop plan) for edge configured Laptop clients. 2069, 2070
  132. QScript for Hyperscale Log Monitoring Policy Association 2056, 2057, 2058, 2059
  133. Modify hyperscale reports based on comments 2056, 2057, 2058, 2059
  134. User trying to run job immediately via resubmit of existing job with stagger time may not start the job immediately. 2047, 2048
  135. Added job level option to control collection of granular file information. 2008, 2009
  136. Performance enhancement to improve dedupe media read speeds on Unix/Linux MediaAgents. 2002
  137. SAP Oracle point-in-time Database copy fails with BR*Tools version 7.20 1999
  138. HANA backup jobs using client and client group schedules may fail with invalid store key errors. 1999
  139. Files may be missing from Hyper-V Live Browse of VM with checkpoints. 1995
  140. Admin Console does not show the dashboard with the following error: "Report does not exist or you do not have permissions to view it." 1982
  141. Failing to generate Restore Job Summary Report due to CVODS crash. 1976
  142. PostGreSQL full backup was completing with errors. 1975
  143. Linux 1-Touch: After restore, partition table label and types might look different than original machine for certain partition tables that have a hybrid MBR 1969
  144. Certain streams might back up more data than others when there is a combination of few large files and many small files in the backup content. 1967
  145. Prune of a Content Indexing job might be slow. 1966
  146. CCM DDB's that do not exist may require resync. 1950, 1951
  147. Error repeatedly occurring in the event viewer Resync of Deduplication Engine [{engine name}] cannot proceed. Reason [Store from foreign commcell]. 1950, 1951
  148. End user is not able to select resource groups during the restore of an Azure stack VM. 1948, 1949
  149. if Web proxy is enabled for requests sent over Internet then all requests to Azure are routed through web proxy even if service end point is enabled at cloud proxy to transfer data over Azure network. This is impacting Azure backup performance. 1933
  150. CvMountd can crash during source cleanup after mount path move job. 1923
  151. Though backup command RMAN returns success, there are errors related to out of memory in backup.out. The customer wants to detect the error code"ORA-00603" and mark backup job CWE. 1918
  152. When a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) was used in the SQL Server alias for SharePoint, the CVSPScan process was failing. 1917
  153. Commvault office app is not working. 1906, 1909
  154. DB support needs to be added to support billing history custom reports 1889, 1890
  155. Windows System State backup may crash. 1877
  156. GDPR clients may start backup jobs. 1869
  157. For Incremental Backups, the Scan is performing Full Lustre Filesystem scan of the CvScanDB even though the subclient content is only a small portion of the Lustre Filesystem. 1843
  158. For filenames with special characters, The Full scan fails with subclient content does not exists. The Incremental scan will not backup the files with correct filenames causing in subsequent backups. 1843
  159. When there are hardlinks in Lustre Filesystem, the Full Scan fails during Index rebuilding and the Incremental scan cannot capture all hardlink files. 1843
  160. add support for SEGY file index 1825
  161. Full VM restore to Azure stack is failing when job is submitted by end user with permissions to virtual machine only 1838
  162. Some Europe char may display wrong in email preview 1836
  163. After embedded workflows complete the output is not properly built. 1833
  164. Backup of Azure managed VMs may fail if the disk name is too long. 1828
  165. Restore to Personal Storage Table (PST) crashes when there are attachment property errors. 1827
  166. Command "qoperation replication -o resume" may cause an application error. 1822
  167. Log backup of a database is getting converted to full after a database with same name from different instance is restored with different name on the source instance where backup is running. 1817
  168. Restore of large db on linux fails. 1817
  169. Exchange browse tool Journal mailbox support. 1816
  170. Compliance search export operation may not export all selected emails. 1813
  171. Backup of common store files fails. 1806
  172. AIX Informix agent upgrade from v9 to v11 may fail to create AppBase registry 1804
  173. "No backups" alert criteria is incorrectly triggered for subclients enabled with Intellisnap backups. 1796, 1797, 1798
  174. Export to CAB or PST or HTML or CSV jobs are getting prevented to be submitted unless restore to alternate location path is registered into the system. 1778, 1781
  175. When there is a firewall between the CommServe and the client, there may be a delay of up to one hour before some operations can be performed on the client. 1777
  176. Resubmitted new job may start running before the failed job is cleaned up and fail to start. 1770
  177. SSTableloader fails for cassandra version and higher. 1761
  178. We try to stream the data to other data centers during restores in a multi datacenter environment. 1761
  179. Creating on table might fail during restores if the CLUSTER ORDERING has case sensitive column names. 1761
  180. The sstableloader may fail when they find a new unknown property in the yaml file. 1761
  181. Not able to remove CQL and JMX authentication 1760
  182. Early release tags are displaying for PostgreSQL Standby settings and MySQL Extra backup options panel 1760
  183. Failure in configuring offline edge drive on laptops activated in shared laptop mode. 1739
  184. System hangs on accessing mount points under AzureMountPoint folder. Mounted snaps for snap and\or block level job was processed by FS job 1721
  185. Parsing failed due to violation of primary key for metrics query 153. 1718
  186. Recoverability SLA of Health report does not show the latest recovery point for Oracle DB subclients. 1718
  187. Email CI perforce improvement. 1715
  188. New alert to notify when SQL Server backup job skips the database backup operation. 1714
  189. VSA Restore "Attach disk to existing VM" may fail when using vCloud. 1702
  190. Secondary copy may be written with a new baseline when signature generation before compression is configured. 1701
  191. Browse may not return any items. 1700
  192. Live sync: snapshots are created on source VM when destination instance is deleted 1693
  193. Live browse may time out 1692
  194. Scan may hang when multithreaded scan is enabled at the folder level and the volume uses optimized scan 1676
  195. CCR 208167 : Colorblind feature for Web UI - admin console 1668, 1677
  196. Storage Navigation item in AdminConsole not visible to Tenant Admins/ Tenant Users / Restricted Users irrespective of navigation preferences set to show items 1668, 1677
  197. Navigation Items shown on navigation preferences page irrespective of setup for the solution/navigation is completed or not 1668, 1677
  198. View media for Vault Tracker policy may show an incorrect number of tapes. 1663
  199. VSA AppAware snap backups in NetApp licensed Commcells are failing with error "App aware backup is skipped for Virtual Machine". 1661
  200. SOAP message response cannot be used in other subsystems like workflow without converting it to .x based XML response. 1652
  201. MSDB will be skipped from OSC even after changing its RM to FULL. 1651
  202. Automatic snap unmount for VSA App-aware application snaps may fail. 1643, 1644
  203. VSA Restore: Incorrect size of application and excessive read time for disks that are not needed to be restored 1641
  204. Jobs may not get resumed at the requested time when suspended with Auto Resume Interval. 1636
  205. Compliance Search option to restore files with Access Control List information 1630, 1631
  206. Firewall configuration on MA hangs Java GUI. 1626
  207. New option "Export to Web Server" in compliance search that retains security on file system data. 1623, 1624, 1625, 1628, 1629
  208. Enhancement to export emails (into PST) or files to specified network location. 1623, 1624, 1625, 1628, 1629
  209. A configuration setting to hide the Computer User Account tile has been added to the Web Console. 1621, 1622
  210. Reconstruct index from the latest cycle of the new CommCell environment. 1612, 1613
  211. List media for older cycle jobs on a latest cycle only Index lists only checkpoint 1595, 1596, 1597
  212. Linux 1-Touch restore with a generated (UEFI) DVD might restore sparse files as flat 1581
  213. Linux 1-Touch - ability to override disk mapping 1581
  214. Linux 1-Touch : restore will fail if /boot is on lvm. 1581
  215. Inactive users report may have incorrect users. 1570, 1571, 1572, 1574, 1575
  216. Analytics reports shared with users are not accessible 1570, 1571, 1572, 1574, 1575
  217. Commcell Configuration Report is not showing DIPs set on Client Group level. 1564, 1566, 1568
  218. Metadata collection enabled on subclients that are not snap subclients 1557, 1558
  219. Database insert fails due to invalid object id in snap structure. 1552
  220. Improvement in Content Indexing engine performance. 1548
  221. Logging on to the CommCell Console might take more time than expected. 1545, 1547
  222. The admin console landing page is shown when trying to restore SQL databases. 1544
  223. Data aging job may be slow. 1540, 1542
  224. Adding JVM arguments to get Tomcat statistics. 1523, 1525
  225. Linux 1-Touch : restored machine's network configuration might be incorrect 1515
  226. CVCBT may cause crash while deleting bitmap file. 1501
  227. CVCBT my cause diskmgmt.msc and explorer to deadlock when volumes are surprise removed. 1501
  228. Linux VirtualizeME may fail. 1487
  229. NetApp Virtual Storage Console stops working if the export policy created during NFS snapshot mount operation has permissions with mixed values for "allow-suid" parameter. 1484
  230. sales force record level restore brings in additional parent records 1460, 1461
  231. infinite loop while downloading a OneDrive file 1454
  232. OneDrive restore fails 1454
  233. Huawei file server password is logged in CVMA.log file at higher debug level. 1451
  234. Subclient content browse from admin console for HNAS file server just shows the list of file systems. Listing of directories under file systems fails. 1451
  235. Intellisnap backup job for Huawei NDMP subclient fails if file server does not support snapchangelist setting. 1451
  236. SAP Oracle GUI restarted rman log backups might fail to update index for config files when there is connection timeout with MA. 1448
  237. Disk volume size updates may take more time on a MediaAgent because there are redundant calls to check if path is a directory. 1446
  238. Worldwide Storage Resources Summary Report shows same amount Free Space on all Libraries when saved as PDF or html. 1438, 1440
  239. HyperScale network configuration may fail on a server with inactive network ports. 1434
  240. VMWare EMC Celerra Intellisnap backup will fail in prepare phase with error: "Unable to get filesystem information for share <sharepath>" 1429
  241. IntelliSnap support for MEDITECH using Nimble LUNs. 1428
  242. On CS where domainless login is enabled, Snap-User Operations workflow execution fails with login error. 1427
  243. Enhancement to allow File system agent to use V1 indexing. 1418, 1419
  244. CMR: OnDemandInstance support for Oracle RAC 1411, 1412, 1413, 1416
  245. When creating a new client the customer would like to have the "Global Filters on Subclients" set to default to "Use Cell Level Policy" instead of "on". 1405
  246. When we perform backup, The access time of the file will change. When we reset the access time for the file to what was before the backup, the ctime changes. This makes preserving access time during backup challenging. We do have support to preserve access time with the help of native snapshot. We preserve access time so that files can be archived using access time rule option. With Network Share, there is currently no support to preserve both access time and capture ACL changes with our backup. 1397
  247. Selective copy operation may not select jobs as expected on custom calendar. 1393, 1394, 1395
  248. New CMR: Add support for RAC OnDemandInstance 1391
  249. Recalls from cloud archive storage may fail when copy precedence is selected. 1389, 1390, 1392
  250. Enable granular pruning from removable media if the MediaAgent is on V11 SP11 or higher. 1387, 1388
  251. Media status remains "Full" after data has been pruned from Removable Media due to granular pruning. 1385, 1386
  252. Tree view in webconsole is broken for a file system data source that scans local paths 1378
  253. Analytics job going to content push phase even when no file qualified for contest push phase. 1378
  254. Launching java console from web browser may fail after release upgrade. 1373
  255. DDB recovery may fail to read chunks created by synthetic full 1369
  256. DDB may end up with missing primary records after secondary file compaction. 1366
  257. Data Verification job may not progress. 1355
  258. DDB data verification job may fail with error 667. 1354
  259. Application aware backup on Windows application from UNIX proxy may not complete on a fresh install. 1350
  260. VSA for AWS may backup more VMs than expected because of a 503 (request limit exceeded) error. 1332
  261. AWS EC2 snap backup may fail for instances with spaces or dashes in tags. 1329, 1330, 1331
  262. AWS EC2 Instance tags may not be restored. 1329, 1330, 1331
  263. AWS EC2 snap backup may fail due to VSBKP process crash. 1329, 1330, 1331
  264. Added support for AWS China region. 1329, 1330, 1331
  265. Adding nodes to a scale out storage pool may fail. 1301
  266. Client readiness may show client not ready even though the client is ready. 1270, 1271
  267. Memory leak in action alerts. 1263
  268. Case Manager jobs submitted from compliance search site to ignore any data from tape media based on an existing configuration setting. 1241, 1242, 1243
  269. If a reviewer user on a case do not have rights at comm-cell level then operations such as search, export does not work for reviewers on the case. 1241, 1242, 1243
  270. Granular pruning from removable media may not be performed at regular intervals. 1217, 1219
  271. Removed array names form script input parameters and now detected through REST API Added check for python requests package installed Added check for vstore mapping Added finding remote site from IP 1202
  272. Script SetRetentionForUserDeletedItems do not set retention on laptop subclient. 1184, 1187
  273. Resubmit operation on Virtualize Me Job may not work. 1177, 1178
  274. DDB recovery may take time because of mark and sweep phase 1163
  275. Synthetic full may run slowly with dash readless. 1160
  276. Restore fails with the following error "Failed to get the chunk information for the archive files from archive manager". 1143, 1144
  277. Oracle ASM filter driver support. 1139
  278. Disable activity on ASM instance 1139
  279. 1. Failure of Restore to browse subclient if the VM is just backedup and subclient never browsed from GUI. 2. Extra item listed in VM Groups while provisioning VM from Blueprint. 3. Job Details API not listing correct VM status if the VM was properly backed up but the Subclient back up was completed with one or more errors. 4. Addition of VM based on VM Name\Pattern instead of Virtual Machine 5.For partial successful VM, backup job history not visible to perform restore 6.Backup VM Group fails to check for the VM subclient if the VM was not added to any subclient earlier. 7.Modified error message for the case virtualization client name not same as endpoint in VRA. 1137
  280. db_recovery_file_dest parameter was getting reset during script preview 1135
  281. JPR for PDB clone was not correct 1135
  282. Oracle Snap deletion may fail 1135
  283. Oracle targetless Tablerestore some times fails with syntax errors 1135
  284. Oracle Snap based Tablerestore using File System fail if the source paths have symbolic links 1135
  285. Oracle RAC PDB restore with switch database mode option selected may fail 1135
  286. GPFS backups may fail in scan phase when directories are deleted during a scan. 1134
  287. The Commvault Communication Service (CVD) may cause high disk I/O. 1133
  288. Triggering online crawl jobs (Subclient data analytics) may trigger tempDB growth and cause sluggishness on commcell activities 1096
  289. DMSetting 'RecallBasedPreviewAllowed' is not honored during webconsole preview 1082
  290. Unable to identify the last SAP Archive Link backup needed to complete the migration process. 1066
  291. When Win32 is configured with different packages. Update/Package install from remote cache to Win64 client will fail with file not found error. 1059
  292. Copy software in old download is failing to copy HotFix updates 1059
  293. CommServe database may grow due to audit information. 1044
  294. Emails copied directly to a journal mailbox are not content indexed. 1043
  295. When lndb system files are misconfigured, lndb scan may crash. 1011
  296. Block-level snapshot backup job having ZFS mounts might fail in the Archive Index phase. 1006
  297. Block-level snapshot jobs that have a good number of ZFS mounts may take a long time to complete the snapshot phase. 1006
  298. Block-level ZFS live browse might fail in case of nested mount points. 1006
  299. VM may not be removed from a subclient content when editing. 1004, 1005
  300. VMWare discovery/backup/restores might fail on unix proxies with name resolution errors when hostname of vcenter can only be resolved via local /etc/hosts file 999
  301. When load balanced web servers are used for the purpose of high availability, the login token validation fails if the token was created by a web server different than the one that is currently processing the request. 1000, 994, 995, 996
  302. Query 216 parsing fails, if duplicate rows are present. 991, 992
  303. "Largest 25 Clients" report shows higher than expected value of application size for subclients which have snap backup enabled. 969
  304. Compliance user may not see preview of emails present in a shared review set, 966, 968, 970
  305. Client disassociated from client group may remove associations from data protection schedule policy where client is associated from within the same client group node. 955, 956
  306. Backups may fail when some large objects are backing up. 946
  307. Salesforce pk chunking for objects that are not supported by the pk chunking query 944, 945
  308. DDB compact or reindex may fail if mark and sweep is configured. 941
  309. Db2 snap cross machine restore completes with JPR 932
  310. A SQL transaction log backup completes with errors and the chunk is not committed. The next operation does not convert and the customer can not perform a restore. 908
  311. Service pack upgrades may fail during the database maintenance phase when SSL 3.0 is disabled. 902
  312. Running the database maintenance tool from the command line may fail for some databases (for example, "HistoryDB" and "WorkflowDB"). 902
  313. Additional settings are not consistently applied to all members of a given client group. 900, 901, 903
  314. Browsing a subclient on UNIX client shows duplicate items for mount points when the subclient content has nested mount points backed up. 898
  315. UNIX file system backup data browse fails with Index reconstruction errors. 897
  316. Exchange Database backup operation was hanging while copying Exchange binaries to shadow copy in multi-stream restore operation. 893
  317. Files inside a moved folder are not backed up in a few scenarios. 892
  318. Backup operation for a subclient fails if symbolic links are added as its content from the admin console. 884, 885
  319. Oracle backup copy might fail if data files point to symbolic links. 880
  320. Oracle table level restore might not complete on Windows. 880
  321. Web Console fails with JAR resources if JNLP files are not signed by the same certificate error. 877
  322. Disk or cloud storage space might not be pruned as expected. 845, 846
  323. For table level restore, if the table contains a column of "Timestamp" type, restore will fail with "Cannot insert an explicit value into a timestamp column. Use INSERT with a column list to exclude the timestamp column, or insert a DEFAULT into the timestamp column." 820
  324. Integration fixes for using data path MA as proxy feature. 816
  325. HDS Command Control Interface (CCI) Snap Engines - IntelliSnap backups for GAD LUNs may fail with the error "Failed to prepare Devices". 811
  326. The GAD backup for HDS targetless engine is not honoring the registry key "sCVHDSArrayGadPairedWith_xxxxx", when provided. 811
  327. The Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) snap backup using Targetless Snap engine fails during create for the HUS-VM and other older version arrays. 811
  328. With GAD configurations where one end is a physical array and the other end is a virtual array (PHY+VSM), IntelliSnap backups of GAD LUNs fail if the backup uses a targetless engine. 811
  329. Data aging might take a long time to complete. 808, 810
  330. Disaster Recovery (DR) Backup to cloud library may fail. 802
  331. A compliance search that uses "from," "to," "cc," and "bcc" might not search using all SMTP addresses. 800, 801, 803
  332. Added support for Hitachi NAS (HNAS) Snap NRE restores. 795
  333. Notes Database restore operations might fail. 789
  334. We have added an enhancement to support a simplified and more secure way to connect to Azure resource manager using Azure Active Directory MSI. This limits connectivity to Azure from only MSI-enabled proxies. The user does not have to create dummy applications in Azure Active Directory for authentication purposes if MSI is enabled. 782, 783
  335. Azure virtual machines backups might fail with an error stating that the "Metadata header is corrupt." 769
  336. New feature - Customization of Unix guest VMs for LiveSync. 759
  337. Chunks created on media with smart lock feature might be set to expire for longer retention days than retention days set on copy. 758
  338. Deduplication database may give errors after compacting secondary files. 736
  339. The Exchange Online index server playback sometimes fails with the error: "multiple values encountered for non multivalued field". 731
  340. Emails copied directly to a journal mailbox are not content indexed. 729
  341. Sensitive information may be displayed in some log files during the live browse operations. 723
  342. SQL Restore failing due to ''Reservation Failed: The medium is already reserved by some other job[s]" 720
  343. Eligible backup job may not be committed after the total running time is elapsed. 714
  344. Restore operations might fail with the following error: "A database query error occurred. Please check log files in CommServe for details." 709, 710
  345. Enhancement to show VM Details in Job Details table for CSV output in classic Backup Job Summary Report. 701
  346. The Mailbox Archive Solution user count might not be correct, because some users might be counted more than one time. 666, 668
  347. Addition of failed "Legal Hold" items to "Review Set" may fail. 660, 662, 664
  348. Downloading multiple versions of the same file from the Web Console might not work as expected. 656
  349. SnapTest Tool operations might fail with one of the following error messages: "Failed to discover volumes under the given path" or "Failed to discover volume details". 637
  350. A deduplication database (DDB) verification job might take a long time to complete. 632
  351. Deduplication database was going offline during a file system backup of a MediaAgent. 618
  352. Connection to Azure Stack wrapper was failing when Resource Manager URL was typed in uppercase letters. 615
  353. Index cleanup may not execute. 591
  354. When the proxy ESX host is selected, the backup copy job fails. 590
  355. For large SQL servers with 5300 DB's, when trying to add content to the new subclient no data is returned. 589
  356. VMs are not shown in Clients Missed SLA Details metrics report when VSA subclient is deleted. 587, 588
  357. Foundation changes for performance optimizations for the DDB by changing the pruning logic. 583
  358. Too many EMC Powerpath devices may be left over by Snap backups, causing snap mount to eventually fail. 581
  359. Local users might be unable to log in when the user name matches with an Active Directory user name. 558
  360. Exchange Mailbox - Exchange Web Service (EWS): If the EWS archive job terminates abnormally by manually killing the processes, then, in the ExMBJobInfo.dat file, the serviceaccountusage entries are not cleaned up. The next jobs are not running because of this. 550
  361. Offline Content Indexing job may fail with error "Fail to submit batch. Please check content indexing services." 536, 537
  362. A user cannot perform a copy only backup on SQL when the block-level backup feature is enabled. 490
  363. A configuration operation for a VCS cluster might stop responding in certain environments. 488
  364. Very high memory usage for exchange online backups that use EWS. 482
  365. Improvements for GDPR. 472, 476, 489
  366. When you update a smart client group that has the "Clients discovered with VSA subclients" rule, the entities selected are updated as if parent nodes are selected. 467
  367. Pre/post browse operation during an Oracle RAC cross-machine restore to another RAC is not displaying physical destination clients. 465, 466
  368. Save as script for a cross-machine restore of tenant database is setting a physical client. 465, 466
  369. View backup items modified time is displaying incorrect value for cloud apps. 465, 466
  370. Need Erase data for cloud storage instances. 465, 466
  371. "New Index Server" menu item is not displayed in the Japanese CommCell Console. 460
  372. CVD crashes while installing from CommCell Console, or when automatic updates are running on Windows 2016 CommServe. 456
  373. Unable to remove the Index Server on a clustered CommServe software. 448, 449
  374. If an item belongs to the invalid part of a restarted backup operation, recalling the item might fail. 429
  375. A Google Drive restore operation might fail when legacy Google Doc files are restored. 423
  376. When users are added to a subclient during an incremental backup job, all the files might be backed up when the job is suspended and then resumed. 423
  377. Failures have been reported during some operations. 423
  378. Memory usage goes up to 100%. 423
  379. When a Google Drive backup job is resumed, it might take a long time to complete. 423
  380. Discovery operations in Microsoft OneDrive for Business fails. 423
  381. If recover to end of logs is selected on an IntelliSnap subclient, a traditional restore operation was started. 406
  382. If a roll forward fails in the first attempt, in the second attempt, the job was marked as completed without attempting a roll forward. 406
  383. Classic and Web Job Summary Reports might show incorrect data written for backup copy jobs. 398, 399
  384. Jobs that failed to start or were killed very early might not show up in the classic Backup Job Summary Report. 398, 399
  385. Exported Web Console Backup Job Summary report might include duplicate jobs. 398, 399
  386. Unable to filter storage policy, Application Size, Media Size, and Network Size columns in the Web Console Backup Job Summary Report. 398, 399
  387. Issues with restoring compressed files from virtual machine backups (granular recovery). 397
  388. Index based restore operations using Agent in Guest with Unconditional Overwrite option reports failures for junction points. 397
  389. For virtual server agent file-level restore operations, nothing is restored if the destination is a UNC path. 397
  390. Need an option to hide the Create public IP address option based on an additional setting. 377, 378
  391. The job controller does not sort correctly by the "Number of data readers" column. 376
  392. Index state turns Critical intermittently for large data sets. 370
  393. In file system data with deep folders, browse operations might not work. 363
  394. SAP HANA Point-in-time Restore is not honoring client time zone. 359
  395. The error job not available on given storage policy shown wrongly. 356
  396. VSA backups may complete with errors for Amazon, Azure and OpenStack virtual machines. 338
  397. Event messages were not appearing in the CommCell Console. 330
  398. REST API appName changed from Windows File System to File system after Service Pack 10 installation. 322, 323, 324
  399. Alert trap object identifier (OID) number was different for SNMP version 3 alerts. 320
  400. Exchange Mailbox Delegation is not updated. 303
  401. Enabling filters in the Data Classification Plan. 300, 308
  402. Duplicate index servers are listed while creating the Data Classification Plan. 300, 308
  403. SLA (Service Level Agreement) Report might show the status of snap subclients incorrectly. 299, 301
  404. PostgreSQL block-level backup can fail with hanging processes. 284
  405. PostgreSQL restore can fail when a different group name is used for the PostgreSQL user. 284
  406. IBM Notes agents fail to install properly on Linux agent. 258
  407. Notes Database OSC scheduler is not working as expected. 258
  408. Timeline charts cannot be filtered by using the filter panel. 255
  409. LoggerNet database restores may fail due to incorrect file mode. 239
  410. HyperScale OS patch support. 238
  411. Support for VMware private cloud power management. 231, 232, 234, 235
  412. Laptop backup operations might run slowly. 216, 217, 219
  413. After an SAP backup job, the View BR*Tools logs might not show the page results. 205
  414. The CvMountd process might crash on Solaris MediaAgents when you perform a browse and restore operation. 199
  415. Version 9 client upgrades fail because of a timeout. 196
  416. Adding support for document type based entity extraction. 185
  417. Caching of indexing version in registry does not work. 174
  418. Enhanced error reporting for out of disk space condition during data analytics jobs. 159
  419. Version 8 stubs might fail to recall in Version 11. 141
  420. The Xen restore as template operation failed to read the VM configuration file. 138
  421. For Citrix Xen restore operation, storage repository browse operation is failing for Version 9 clients with Version 11 CommServe. 136, 137
  422. File-level browse was failing if the system-reserved partition was after the Windows partition, or if the system-reserved partition did not have a boot flag. 121
  423. Partitioned DDB full reconstruction may fail in the prune records phase. 91
  424. Ability to edit data classification (DC) plan. DC plan was not showing cloud index servers. Initial support for content indexing filters. 54, 55
  425. Update installation using an update pack might fail on UNIX machines. 52
  426. Azure In-place restore may fail if the source VM was migrated to Azure using a third party tool. 39
  427. Importing a job from Exchange Mailbox (Classic) to Exchange Mailbox Agent might be slow. 38
  428. Extra copies of VSA application-aware backup jobs might be retained. 35, 36
  429. VM Content Indexing: Creating Data source using index server ID 28, 29, 30, 34
  430. An enhancement is needed to restore the NFS ObjectStore items from the secondary copy. 8
  431. Support is needed for copy precedence for NFS/CIFS access. 5
  432. We added the ability to specify the number of streams that you want to use for a DDB recovery operation. 59158, 59164, 59170, 59174
  433. Derived plans may not show the correct storage pools. 59147
  434. Azure backup is slow for premium storage account disks 58965
  435. Size of Windows File System incremental backup after a synthetic full may be as big as a full backup. 59014
  436. Creating a Group using Client CIDR Address Range will not work properly. It lists only the client with the same Network IP and disregards the actual Host IP. 59061, 59089
  437. Same database instance is backed up by two subclients and counted twice. 59056, 59084
  438. Amazon RDS, EBS volume snapshots may fail while using IAM role authentication with internet proxy. 58982
  439. AIX 1-Touch backup job failed to detect network configuration. 58928
  440. New feature: Send alert when no backups are running for given threshold. 58964
  441. Custom alert for mount path went offline 58961
  442. Files with special characters were not backed up with GPFS distributed agent. 58668
  443. Broken symbolic links on GPFS were marked as failed items. 58668
  444. Multi-node incremental backup jobs were backing up all data. 58668
  445. GPFS mmapplypolicy command was failing intermittently and the job was converting to a recursive scan. 58668
  446. Fixes to avoid tight loop in the network daemon and a possible leak. 58545
  447. Cross-machine restores do not change the replica ID. 58627
  448. During a snapshot cross-instance restore operation, a GUID failed to open. 58659
  449. Hot-add based VSA backups using a Linux proxy might fail when auto VG activation runs on a newly added disk. 58536
  450. Restore from backup copy restores mount point & it's ancestors with incomplete permissions/ownership. 58719
  451. DB2 iDA log file backups may be slower than FileSystem based backups. 58924
  452. We added a Nutanix replication setup script. 58693
  453. Lndb stub phase will report job completed even when stub phase failed. 58552
  454. Accept and use the RMAN RATE parameter in backup script at the schedule level. 58582
  455. Fixes for multiple issues for HyperScale reference architecture. 58516
  456. CommCell Configuration custom report was not showing correct compression, encryption, and deduplication properties. 58699
  457. Enhancement for CommCell Configuration custom report to show associated physical nodes for each client. 58699
  458. Derived plans may not show the correct storage pools. 58511
  459. Users were not able to create or edit an alert using the CommCell Console. 58505
  460. Enhancement changes for Nutanix IntelliSnap support 58678
  461. Users who run SharePoint document backups with ACL collection enabled might be unable to access certain documents on the Web Console, if they do not have direct permission on SharePoint but are part of a group. 58673
  462. By default, .zfs/snapshot root volume was not skipped for Solaris backups. 58729
  463. A Push Network Configuration operation does not log to the Event Viewer for client computers that are at V11 SP9 or a more recent service pack. 58661
  464. Deconfigured clients being automatically associated with a client group do not pick up additional settings. 58660
  465. Tomcat service was crashing when a large number of Active Directory groups attempted to log on to Compliance Search using Single Sign On. 58652, 58903
  466. Logging on to end user search or compliance search sites was failing intermittently. 58652, 58903
  467. If an IntelliSnap job contains a large number of volumes, then NetApp open replication auxcopy jobs fail with the error message "Failed to get relationship information from database". 58651
  468. Message queue ports might be used by other processes, because they are modifiable. 58640
  469. We added a new native Debian package, systemd based service control and other enhancements for native packages. 58721
  470. SharePoint offline mining restores might fail for host named site collection. 58639
  471. vrealize Data protection support 1. No Blueprint to auto add new vms/applications to a protection plan automatically (using tagging or similar) 2.No option to select specific restore job 3.No option to click VM and assign different subclient\backup policy and plan after VM provisioning. 4. No support for backing up only the clicked VM(On Demand Backup) 5.File Level Restore 6.In place restore with selection of job 58631
  472. NSS volumes are not backed for new V11 clients. 58710
  473. Generic script to remove VM properties. 58546
  474. Oracle archive log backups via an automatic schedule may be missed. 58539
  475. We added a new feature: An RPO bandwidth calculator for the VSA system discovery tool. 58537, 58862
  476. SQL restores were failing with following exception 'String was not recognized as a valid DateTime'. This exception can be spotted only in case of hot server restore or log shipping configuration. 58448
  477. For Computers custom report, the Client Count for the last date on the 30 day report did not match the count for the other two selectable periods. 58524
  478. This update changes the report name from "Computers" to "Device List". 58524
  479. Client Information report was failing with SQL error. 58521
  480. Client Information report was not showing virtual machines. 58521
  481. Install may fail with one-way network configuration. 58440
  482. Jobs might encounter database deadlock during resource allocation. 58411, 58412
  483. In certain scenarios, files in a moved folder are not being backed up. 58389
  484. The export operation to the CAB file has a large number of errors reported in the ExMBRestore log file. 58370
  485. EML items with long subject names result in restore issues. 58370
  486. With the Pure Storage array in POD configuration, the snapshot mount operation might may fail. 58328
  487. The incremental backup operation might fail with expired token errors. 58359
  488. Backup job becomes unresponsive and might crash for incremental SharePoint O365 backups. 58359
  489. When users enter a time period that is out of range, no error message is displayed . 58324
  490. Add capability to monitor any CommCell used as a data source. 58324
  491. IntelliSnap support for Nutanix/VMware Async Replication. 58322
  492. A Backup Copy job shows the Retain Until date as the same day that the Backup Copy job ran. A Backup Copy job does not have any retention date. This display confuses customers. 58277
  493. Multi-stream SharePoint Document backup jobs may not honor the user-specified "Completed with Error" conditions. 58303
  494. Additional settings are not consistently applied to all members of a given client group. 58282, 58286, 58373
  495. Password validation was not done, so the wrong password entered was causing workflow failures. 58202
  496. Needed more details for inputs to make it more descriptive. 58202
  497. The instance name entered by users was not validated, so the wrong instance name entered was causing workflow failures. 58202
  498. MaxDB backup completed successfully but then email is being sent always with backup failed content 58202
  499. Password passed as input was decrypted within workflow and was displayed in workflow engine log. Disabled logging before execute script activity to hide password being displayed in log files 58202
  500. Metrics Collection query with ID 218 may fail with SQL errors. 58201, 58203, 58204
  501. Support image copy for cross-platform migration by generating conversion and import scripts and capturing dump of metadata. 58191
  502. Reduce CommServe calls during a deduplication reconstruction job. 58190
  503. Mounting of a snapshot might fail during a restore operation from a snapshot. 58190
  504. Deduplication Data Verification job might incorrectly attempt to recall volumes which are not backed up by a Silo Archival job. 58190
  505. Support for Nimble on Linux Platform. 58152
  506. Linux and AIX support for Kaminario storage. 58147
  507. Virtual Server Snap Backup may start an index restore job asking for a tape outside the library. 58136
  508. The Refresh datacenter workflow will succeed and not crash as the exception is handled. 58162
  509. VSA AppAware - VMs (virtual machines) with Active Directory may be configured for AppAware backups. 58130, 58148, 58188
  510. Content indexing may be slow when processing emails with OLE attachments. 58133
  511. Clients might lose connectivity for 24 hours once in 5-6 years when the current Certificate Authority (CA) certificate expires. 58123
  512. Exchange Mailbox Agent restore to a mailbox on a different virtual client fails with the following error: "Failed to find destination mailbox". 58132
  513. For SharePoint offline mining, in some cases, some aspx pages fail to restore. 58131
  514. Auxiliary copy jobs could not be controlled from the MediaAgent level using qcommands. 58104
  515. We have added enhanced logging for troubleshooting. 58094
  516. Index backup alerts are sent for inactive backup sets. 58075
  517. Folder sizes may be shown wrong. 58075
  518. Content indexing job might process synthetic full backup jobs incorrectly. 58086, 58093
  519. While viewing a report with client/client group, data is loaded from the client which was selected during report creation. 58051
  520. When you run a SQL or Exchange IntelliSnap backup copy, one or more files might not be backed up. The job might fail completely if no files were added. 57897
  521. Provide user base restriction who can run IBM i DR restore. 57965, 57966
  522. Added support to automatically call RSTAUT and RSTDFROBJ during IBM i DR restore. 57965, 57966
  523. Workflow to run sequentially a DR Backup job on IBMi client and start other subclient's backup jobs once target system started back to running state. 57963
  524. The Synchronize Source files and Backup Index option backs up device files even when the device file had no changes. 57936
  525. Enabling Encryption at the client level fails while requesting a passphrase. 57935
  526. A script is needed to turn off Enable OnePass on all subclients in a client computer group. 57931
  527. Support for one drive and SharePoint connector 57916, 57918, 57929
  528. Full restore of Azure virtual machine may fail from admin console. 57909
  529. Commvault services may not start automatically when upgrading from V9 to V11. 57907, 57910
  530. Hyper-V server may crash with bug check 0x7F UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP. 57903
  531. O365 Email backups may fail with log replay errors. 57899
  532. Azure stack backup using ADFS credentials may fail if power shell is not installed on the proxy machine. 57898
  533. MediaAgent information is not displayed when viewing the completed backup job details. 57875
  534. Workflow for Approve/Deny Laptop User Activation Request. 57871
  535. QScript to re-pick jobs with 'Available with Missing Snaps' status for auxiliary copy operation. 57869
  536. Preview button inside the HTTPClient activity fails when there is an xpath statement in the URL. 57843
  537. The clBackup executable might crash during the OfflineFilesBackup operation. 57854
  538. 1-Touch recovery is failing if startup program related objects are not located in IBM libraries. 57813
  539. No option to end Application/subsystem in organized manner and end the application and subsystems immediately. 57813
  540. Support for DR operations from vRealize. 57823
  541. Scale-out Storage pool resource monitoring reports in Admin Console. 57782, 57796
  542. Scale-out Storage pool resource monitoring reports in Admin Console. 57780
  543. Full restore of Azure virtual machine may fail from Admin Console 57776
  544. Creation of dependent copy on GDSP should set the AF encrypted flag automatically. 57783, 57785
  545. For Managed Services reports, Admin, Backup, or Predictive pie charts for CommCell hosts were not opening correctly. 57768
  546. New alert to notify when SQL Server backup job skips the database backup operation. 57761
  547. When CVD port was opened in firewall configuration, the port was unable to bind server sockets. 57744
  548. Option to skip stub pruning during scan phase to support better troubleshooting. 57741
  549. Global Repository Cell (GRC) export was sometimes running for several hours. 57758, 57760, 57781
  550. Analytics custom reports may not work. 57680, 57681, 57682
  551. From the Compliance search interface, data from Exchange Mailbox may not display the 'bcc' recipients for the Journal messages. 57668
  552. 3PAR Snap operation may be processed more than 10 seconds backup window and fail in Windows 57663
  553. Need to include Organization GUID in the usage report. 57658, 57659, 57664
  554. Indexing Service timed out after 24 hours when Page Cache restore is in progress. 57649
  555. Status tab for SharePoint Database backups does not display all the databases that were backed up during a Farm backup. 57631
  556. SharePoint backup jobs failed during the scan phase when the impersonation option was configured for job results. 57628
  557. Database deadlock may occur for MediaManager process while processing pruning response. 57615
  558. Content indexing job may fail for legal hold jobs. 57614
  559. Entity extraction may fail. 57607, 57616
  560. When we open two install updates running job details dialog, labels like status,progress, job started by will be missing in first dialog. 57553
  561. Backup jobs that are using mount paths that have large capacity (8EB) fail due to integer overflow. 57550
  562. Linux 1-Touch: A generated DVD may fail to boot for Xen host machines. 57518
  563. Linux 1-Touch: Migrating a Xen guest VM to other hypervisors may fail to boot the generated DVD. 57518
  564. Linux 1-Touch: Disk formatting may fail for multipath disks that have full disk PVs. 57518
  565. Unable to discover Exchange mailboxes in Office 365 China sovereign cloud. 57544
  566. Exchange Mailbox browse may not work when Index server is behind a firewall. 57537
  567. Snapshots are not getting aged after a backup copy operation. 57511
  568. Live Sync Monitor displays the VM's (virtual machine) last sync time as a future date. 57511
  569. Upgrading Apache Tomcat to version 8.5.29 to apply the latest security fixes. 57536, 57556
  570. When doing retry from failed items with All option selected, export job fails to run and encounters exceptions. 57477
  571. DDB full reconstruction may fail in the "Add Records" phase. 57440
  572. Veritas cluster clients are being removed from client groups. 57414
  573. The CvMountd service might terminate abnormally when running a tape catalog job. 57379
  574. If the storage policy has data path set to tape library and stream setting set to 1, and if the NetApp Open Replication fails to create the SnapVault copy, then the auxiliary copy job goes to pending state after copying the BCD index files. 57333, 57350, 57357
  575. For VMDK greater than 2 TB size, the proxyless backup copy operation fails. 57310
  576. New Feature: To alert when a job exceeds the threshold set for the pending or the waiting state. 57306
  577. Large emails are not searchable after content indexing is performed on the user mailbox. 56960
  578. For file system subclients, after migrating from Indexing V1 to V2, if we enable archiving, restore operations of stubs might fail. 57276
  579. For file system subclients, after migrating from Indexing V1 to V2, if we enable archiving, synthetic full backup operations that have the "Keep older versions" setting selected in Advanced Subclient Retention settings might cause data loss. 57276
  580. The Classic and Web Job Summary Reports show incorrect data written for backup copy jobs. 57232, 57234
  581. The Web Job Summary Report is slow on larger CommCell environments. 57232, 57234
  582. Enhancement: QScript now removes the cluster client nodes. 57227
  583. Under certain conditions, a synthetic full backup might drop data that was archived in Version 9. 57221, 57224
  584. SQL Intellisnap backup copy job fails when DB files located directly on root of volumes. 57196
  585. Enhancement to enable users to specify the number of streams in deduplication database validation as part of a deduplication database verification job. 57190
  586. Some users were unable to use a JNLP file to create or change an alert using the CommCell Console remotely. 57186
  587. Successful and failed items count is not updated correctly in the Analytics Scan, and the progress bar does not get updated during content push Analytics Scan. 57145, 57184, 57192
  588. DB2 database service restart is required on UNIX platforms during DB2 agent update install. 57169
  589. DB2 log backup job for database with database specific Commvault archive log directory might complete successfully with the following JPR "Log Archival may not have completed... " 57169
  590. The user was not prompted for the User credentials when trying to use the "Save as Script" with "Use the currently logged in user account" option selected. 57059
  591. We have added Python command line enhancements for dynamic lists for backup and restore. 57155, 57156
  592. CVCIEntityExtractionCsApi.DLL loading issue for non CS clients. 57149, 57152
  593. The Backup Job Summary report does not contain all the requested information or options. 57146, 57147
  594. The Edge Drive offline Selective Sync folder is not syncing deleted items. 56979
  595. Moniker browse does not work for user-centric clients. 57116, 57125, 57130
  596. Database error during activation of users with no email ID set. 57116, 57125, 57130
  597. Provide a global option for a CommCell or a company to enable shared laptop usage for all laptops. 57116, 57125, 57130
  598. Virtual Server Agent for Amazon agent backup and discovery may fail with invalid region. 57106, 57110
  599. Backup copy jobs might fail after using the script to re-pick previously backup copied jobs again for a backup copy operation. 57094, 57098
  600. Traditional mount is attempted if user has bDisableESXProxySelection enabled and proxy less mount fails. 57088
  601. If first analytics job fails, the subsequent analytics jobs might fail. 57084
  602. Automatic Schedule jobs may not start for Oracle RAC Client. 57067, 57071, 57076
  603. Automatic schedule that fails during the App-aware full backup may not start a new job. 57067, 57071, 57076
  604. System state backup job is incorrectly marked as successfully completed even if /boot/efi was not mounted for UEFI machines. Restore of a machine in this state might render the machine unbootable. 57047
  605. User "MSRENEWAL\dadwokatsu" is unable to log on to the CommCell Console and is getting the following error: "Account disabled while attempting to login in GUI". 57015
  606. Restore operation fails for Google Docs files. 56992
  607. In case there are 2 files with the same name, especially one is MS .docx file and the other is Google Drive file, we can not restore both. 56992
  608. We can not restore the backups done by synthetic full. 56992
  609. Backup continues more than 3 days without any progress 56992
  610. For google drive, Skip backup some of the mailboxes when suspend in the middle of the job and resume. 56992
  611. skipping 0 size files. 56992
  612. when we OOP restore 2 files with same name , we only have 1 file left on the target folder. 56992
  613. UNC path 3DFS browse fails. 56985
  614. A vCloud guest OS type might be incorrect after a restore operation. 56977
  615. During a Live Sync operation, a Point in Time failover changes. 56971, 56975, 56983
  616. Recoverability Service Level Agreement (SLA) Reports and Copy Redundancy SLA Reports show duplicate virtual machines. 56969
  617. Content indexing jobs might fail when processing certain XML files containing invalid characters. 56968
  618. Sendlog files operation collects 0 KB file sometimes. 56967
  619. An Active Directory user is not able to log in. 56920
  620. The VMware thick client is not working. 56903
  621. Users cannot access the VM details page from My data page. 56903
  622. The last backup time shown is incorrect. 56903
  623. Support image copy for cross platform migration by generating conversion and import scripts and capturing dump of metadata. 56879
  624. A link has been added so you can navigate to a client's "Settings" page directly from that client's "Restore Files" pages. 56872, 56892
  625. When you browse clients, if you are on a page that shows a file path and a shared icon (such as Recent Documents), hovering over the shared icon might cause a scrollbar to appear in that area. 56872, 56892
  626. Playback might fail intermittently for full snap jobs. 56868
  627. Playback might fail for NAS backup operations that ran before you installed hotfix 3297. 56861
  628. When there are two cluster groups failing over, CvClusterNotify times out after two minutes, which causes the cluster groups to fail over. 56854
  629. When VSA backup copy job runs with multi-node and proxy-less mount enabled, if the snap engine is non-persistent and is incapable of multi-node mount, the snap unmount can continue to fail when the engine unmaps the snap from one proxy, but cannot destroy the default clone when it is still mapped to a different proxy. 56859, 56864
  630. In NetApp backup copies fail because initiator group names are mismatched. 56852
  631. Jobs may take longer than normal time to reserve resources when interrupted. 56855, 56858
  632. When multiple backup sets are created, the capacity calculation might be incorrect. 56849, 56851
  633. Cache V2 xml in registry 56840
  634. Unable to mount snapshots for backup copy operations. 56835
  635. Windows VMs might be incorrectly be flagged as having Multi-Segmented Swap Partitions. 56833
  636. Each time we try to run a file analytics job, all the servers end up "failing" due to a restore job trying to pull indexes from tapes. 56808
  637. Entity patterns have redundant backslashes. 56798, 56800, 56803, 56805
  638. UNIX OnePass might not archive and delete files that match disk cleanup criteria. 56794
  639. The Application Manager service was intermittently crashing on the CommServe system, because Active Directory added the characters '\0CNF:' to the distinguished name (DN) of a mailbox object when there was more than one object with same DN. 56793
  640. Even with the nRemoveJournal flag, messages that are downloaded from the journal index do not have the envelope removed. 56792
  641. Restore to PST crashes with large attachments. 56787
  642. Documentation ranking fixes 56785
  643. Content indexing engine performance slows down when a large number of PDF documents are scanned. 56781, 56782, 56784
  644. Preview of certain emails do not have the embedded images 56780, 56783
  645. For SP11, when multiple backup sets are defined for NAS Agent (with the exception of NetApp), only default backups are allowed to run backup jobs. This fix allows only full backups to run when multiple backup sets are used for the NAS Agent (with the exception of NetApp). 56742, 56743, 56756, 56788
  646. New Linux File system backup clients do not work on SAP HANA appliance running SuSE. 56739
  647. The Metrics License Usage report might not show updated information. 56730, 56731
  648. The Metrics Health report might not show updated information for Deduplication Ratio For The Last 30 Days. 56730, 56731
  649. Enhancement: Backup Job Summary Report now has a run-time security check for subclients. 56728, 56729
  650. For Web Console reports, the exported file name format was not readable. 56716
  651. New option to read files because recalling files for Celerra was not working. 56712
  652. European entities are not available by default as part of Content Analyzer package. Moving from store based bundles to default bundle. 56698, 56699, 56701
  653. Cache for entities for different job tokens is never pruned. 56698, 56699, 56701
  654. Do not mount snap for cataloging. Enabled based on registry key. 56644
  655. Multi-stream restore might restore data out of range. 56632, 56647, 56683
  656. Default maximum IOPS for optimized volume is made as 5000. 56630
  657. Support to automatically restore NLO files in a restored database. 56557
  658. Relative time filter while viewing backup jobs will not filter jobs accordingly. 56603
  659. Cannot filter data using "is in" filter for job type column in admin job history from the CommCell Console. 56600
  660. Point in time restore of availability group databases might fail due to the error below: Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Common.ExecutionFailureException:The log in this backup set begins at LSN 5298238000002486800001, which is too recent to apply to the database. An earlier log backup that includes LSN 5298238000002359100001 can be restored. RESTORE LOG is terminating abnormally. An exception occurred while executing a Transact-SQL statement or batch. 56597, 56598, 56599
  661. if client is not in ldap the name field in UI does not populate 56587
  662. The "Synthetic Full Schedules"option appears as a critical item on the Health Report. However, no problems are found in customer environment. 56574
  663. VSA incremental backup jobs job were failing after a synthetic full backup on a snap-enabled subclient using spool copy retention settings. 56567
  664. Site-level restore ACLs only job fails. 56542
  665. AWS request fails with SecureChannelFailure error. 56533
  666. We increased the thread count on the SDT Tail Side to improve backup performance. 56530
  667. We enhanced logging for the SDT module so that it is more user-friendly. 56530
  668. If a network error occurs, CVD might crash on 32-bit computers. 56530
  669. None of the copies are primary. 56508
  670. Restores might fail if floating IP has not been configured when there are provider networks. 56469
  671. Backup set level browse is not working if the MA is power managed. 56467, 56472, 56475
  672. Content indexed emails cause index bloat and searches are slow. 56452
  673. Database hotfixes are not properly installed with the repair installs. 56447
  674. Database hotfix install is being skipped during hardware refresh install if the service pack in the media and the database are same. 56447
  675. Block-level live browse might fail even when the live mount is still in progress. 56444
  676. In incremental after synthetic job, extent hashes are being sent even if true-up is not enabled. 56444
  677. Block-level backup job is completing successfully even if we fail to get data block bitmap from the operating system because error handling is not done. 56444
  678. UNIX block-level backup true-up job might fail. 56444
  679. QScript to change the OCUM server associated with a storage policy. 56430
  680. Tomcat service can crash if a user has a large number of Active Directory groups attempting to log in to Compliance Search using SSO. 56426
  681. Merging the changes from private branch for GDPR. 56422
  682. Creating the data source API call validates the file path and fails if the path is blank or null. 56412
  683. Entity extraction detects the host name from the file path field when the content is selected for extraction. 56407
  684. Fix various HyperScale issues. 56384
  685. Enhancement to support SharePoint and OneDrive datasource creation. 56386, 56406
  686. Job controller might freeze if grouping by jobs. 56379
  687. Archive file recalls might fail if index playback is not complete before running a synthetic full backup operation. 56374
  688. Picked jobs for backup copy refreshes hang when the job is filtered using the "Show matching rows only" option. 56370
  689. During an incremental backup operation, if a change was made to an existing file, and the folder name contains a space in its name at the last, the backup operation fails. 56355
  690. There is no client column in backup history when we view jobs from schedule policy level. 56348
  691. Job does not show correct stub data size when there is at least 1 file that fails to stub. 56347
  692. Remote Cache sync may fail if the CommServe computer populates Service Pack 11 Software Cache before Service Pack 9. 56346
  693. Push install may not trigger download job operation while pushing to newer version of Linux clients. 56346
  694. Added support for multiple backup jobs to run simultaneously in the migration object store. 56337, 56338, 56339, 56341
  695. Size updates of volumes might cause cvmountd impersonation errors. 56330, 56331
  696. Custom entities are not visible in DC Plan. 56322, 56323
  697. Fixes for Governance Apps. 56175, 56176, 56177, 56312
  698. Proxy tile on hypervisor details page displays error if user have permissions at subclient level 56241, 56314
  699. Lotus notes email download from compliance search fails. 56293
  700. Live Sync Monitor displays a VMs (virtual machine) last sync time as a future date. 56287
  701. Incremental IntelliSnap backup operation fails in case of spool copy configuration. 56287
  702. File analytics index is never pruned for deleted clients. 56285
  703. All synthetic full backup schedules to follow automatic pattern. 56286, 56288
  704. Show associated schedules on Plan Details page that can be enabled or disabled based on the additional setting showAssociatedSchedules. 56286, 56288
  705. All incremental backup operations will have special flag enabled to consider an incremental backup as a full backup. 56286, 56288
  706. Jobs may go pending when the CommServe host fails to convert local machine's IP address. 56277
  707. If the GxTail binaries were not signed, there is a possibility of them flagged as malicious files by an antivirus software. 56268
  708. For NetApp snap engine, HyperV snaps might be marked as not present on array even though snaps are present. 56223, 56224
  709. Auto activation keeps retrying for a local user on MAC in case of error. 56218, 56219, 56222
  710. Server clients are automatically being assigned to laptop plan storage polices 56218, 56219, 56222
  711. Duplicate users created during auto activation. 56218, 56219, 56222
  712. Connectivity issues after v9 to v11 client upgrade. 55847
  713. Run immediately at the Commserve Schedule level does not kick off jobs for client group association. 56182
  714. Volume copy not enabled for Oracle ASM. Restore warning is shown even if validate is selected. 55782
  715. Custom domain framework is not working for non-MSP users 56044, 56050, 56173
  716. You can now run analytics from the Admin Console for SharePoint. 56122
  717. Entity manager custom entity sensitivity fix 56116, 56123
  718. Keywords in entity manager are not working 56116, 56123
  719. Adding a file server is not working in project 56116, 56123
  720. Enabling entities in Getting Started page of DC plan. Showing the Indexserver name properly in DC plan Details page. Showing the entities properly in the DC plan. 56062
  721. SQL backup and restore operations might take longer during a VDI timeout. 56024
  722. ASM on LVM backup copy mount fails. 56003
  723. Restore fails for GoogleDocs files 56001
  724. Google discover not displaying all users. 56001
  725. when we restore, we see some messages are treated as a single thread, even though they are actually different 56001
  726. [onedrive] If we change the name of the folder and backup, we end up with 2 folders where each files are separated on those 2 folders. 56001
  727. hadoop 2.5.2 support 55996
  728. Laptop backup fails after upgrade to SP10 for Indexing V1 clients if there are no monikers in content. 55959
  729. Blocking incremental jobs from running in parallel with synthetic full jobs. 55952
  730. Subclient properties are not loaded correctly. 55951
  731. IBM i backup failing in scan phase on system with default CCID set to other than 37. 55936
  732. Restores to web-level root site collection like "https://commvault365.sharepoint.com" failed. 55947
  733. C# Exception/errors were not reported for restore failures. 55947
  734. SharePoint Farm backups fails for RBS enabled databases in file system backup phase. 55946
  735. SharePoint out-of-place restores to a different farm fails when improper credentials are used. 55943
  736. Azure backup is slow for managed Azure virtual machines. 55927
  737. Cannot delete deconfigured library. 55942
  738. VCS cluster failover is failing. 55901
  739. Oracle Archive Logs Backups via Automatic schedule may be missed. 55900
  740. Pending jobs number reported in alert might deviate from the actual number of pending jobs. 55925, 55928, 56066
  741. Services might take longer than expected to start on a UNIX operating system. 55888
  742. Data Aging jobs may go pending with database errors. 55885
  743. There is no option to see one year job. 55874, 55934
  744. Stub recall could fail intermittently 55873
  745. Selective Aux Copy may pick extra incremental backups. 55890
  746. Large emails are not searchable after content indexing the user mailbox. 55869
  747. Added CSS customization to the Web Console. 55859, 55914
  748. Extra characters might appear at the end of file name during file system browse. 55858
  749. RBS installation failing because of a timeout as there are many SharePoint front-end servers. 55867
  750. [GDPR] Content analyzer changes JM changes 55823, 55862, 55997
  751. A selective sync on a laptop does not work as expected. 55779
  752. Preview of a scanned PDF file might show duplicate data. 55832
  753. For mailboxes, O365 backup operations fail intermittently. 55827
  754. Backup Copy mounting Oracle snaps of ASM disks may fail when latest oracleasmlib packages are used. 55771
  755. In compliance page, start typing from address and allow to auto-fill. Go to summary page, it shows only types name and not the entire selection. 55821
  756. The IndexServer might crash during a browse of a large backup. 55762
  757. The packages in the download center are not available after upgrading from V10. 55758
  758. CommServe database upgrades might fail if TLS 1.0 or TLS 1.1 is disabled. 55809
  759. An Azure VM restore fails for a VM that is deployed with a Barracuda firewall image. 55805
  760. Tenant user creation with duplicate email ID leads to emails of one tenant going to another tenant. 55787
  761. The CommCell Readiness Report might display the incorrect status for proxy clients. 55714, 55719, 55813, 55818
  762. The Cleanup Report might display the internal storage policy copies in the output. 55714, 55719, 55813, 55818
  763. Unable to hide the Admin Console navigation pane and header bar by adding the "noFrame=true" query parameter to the end of the Admin Console URL. 55673
  764. Jobs which are already aged are still selected for content indexing. 55707, 55711
  765. Availability Group backup operations might fail if there is a character mismatch on the Turkish collation servers. 55669
  766. If an instance is case sensitive, the auto schedule does not start a backup in the MAX interval. 55669
  767. Additional settings were used to skip SIMPLE RM databases from backup operations. 55669
  768. User profile issues causes synchronizing folders between Linux clients to fail. 55666, 55694, 55725
  769. Office 365 with Exchange mailboxes cannot be discovered. 55692
  770. Restoring stubs keeps the stub properties after the stubs are recalled. 55689
  771. Azure backup operations fail when a direct download is enabled to back up virtual machines. 55660
  772. When a mailbox is migrated from a OnePass Exchange Mailbox Classic agent to another, the Web Console might not display all links for each associated backupset. 55688, 55691
  773. Enhancement to auto detect firewall tunnel and communicate via tunnel when indexing data to index server. 55682
  774. In "Search by Job ID" feature, we cannot search jobs older than 30 days. 55657, 55681, 55723
  775. Lotus Notes Database full backup jobs in Completed With Error (CWE) status do not qualify for extended retention. 55679, 55685
  776. The Exchange import jobs might create duplicate folders for the Archive Mailbox folders. 55656
  777. The CommServe database upgrade fails. 55649, 55652
  778. Azure backup is not progressing for few VMs and job becomes unresponsive for hours. 55647
  779. Ability to run analytics on OneDrive and SharePoint clients. 55629, 55653
  780. The EnableSCActivityControl qoperation failed to execute. 55618, 55619
  781. Communication service (CVD) process might consume more memory. 55614
  782. When marking jobs for 'Do not copy for a transactional backup job', an incorrect error - "job not found on the given storage policy" popup appears. 55490
  783. You can copy full backups of subclients in serial to achieve better deduplication (Space Optimized Copy). 55597, 55598, 55599, 55600
  784. In the SQL backup phase of a SharePoint backup, the backup fails because the software cannot find the listener name instance. 55565
  785. 1. Table level restore failed if SQL Server version is older than 2012 and it is non-English. 2. Recovery Point: Failed to replay log for IntelliSnap backup 3. Recovery Point: The database does not get detached during recovery point deletion 55559, 55561, 55563
  786. Linux 1-Touch: generated DVD fails to boot for Xen host machines. 55555
  787. Enhancement to select source Media Agent for Schedule Policy for Auxiliary Copy. 55552
  788. There is an incorrect Job Pending Reason (JPR) displayed when a Solr engine runs out of disk space or memory during a live scan. 55531
  789. Enumuserprofiles key for adding owners to the laptop is not honored for Mac client. 55540
  790. Macro pruning might not send volumes to all of the mount paths. 55547, 55549
  791. The qlist jobhistory command with switch -dispJobTimeUnix shows the incorrect EPOCH end time. 55525
  792. The license capacity usage is not shown properly in the CommCell Console. 55524, 55528
  793. SAP for Oracle command line backups might complete with errors after upgrading the Commserve to V11 SP9. 55517
  794. AppMgrSvc service is intermittently crashing. 55513
  795. Media Prediction after NAS Agent browse and restore operation sometimes returns the wrong media. 55504, 55505
  796. Using Offline Content Indexing for Analytics of protected data. 55497
  797. On setups where NFS service was started by default, live browse was failing for some agents, such as Exchange Database. 55486
  798. Auxiliary Copy to Parallel copy with combine streams enabled on the destination might get stuck when there is data on only one stream left. 55480
  799. Merge issue with the update form 44809. 55455, 55458, 55468
  800. Ability to create OneDrive and SharePoint data source. Ability to associate a client with the data source to run Analytics. 55451, 55453, 55456, 55484
  801. When the system state backup is not selected, the DDB files might not get filtered by the default subclient. 55449
  802. Sybase concurrent log backup support 55431, 55436, 55466
  803. Enhancement to enable facet search by keywords. 55370, 55383, 55385
  804. New feature and standalone utility for Greenplum table level restores 55422
  805. The Oracle RAC cross-instance restore operation finishes with errors. 55419
  806. The UpdateBaseline operation takes too long to compute. 55426, 55428
  807. In this REST API, you cannot create a user with a password that starts with the number three (3). 55418
  808. For NAS NDMP, out-of-place restore to a Windows client was not working because the data connection from the file server was failing. 55388
  809. When the query builder contains a query that has an OR operator, along with the received time or modified time filter, the search results are incorrect in the Compliance Search site. 55302
  810. A move mount path job was causing the target mount path to use more disk space than the size of the source mount path. 55357
  811. Cross-machine XtraBackup backup operation to a computer which has sCommandMode set or has MySQL version less than 5.6 must not be supported. 55335
  812. QCommand operations using the instance name are failing because of instance name mismatch. 55335
  813. During backup operation, innodb_file_per_table check is done even during non-XtraBackup databases. 55335
  814. Prevent inserting duplicate IndexServers for IdxDb 55324, 55334
  815. Enhancement to pass new command line parameter to scan in POC mode. 55323, 55333, 55420
  816. An IBM i backup job fails in the scan phase with exception 3450. 55231
  817. Governance apps is visible even if the getting started step is not completed. 55308
  818. Unable to view plan details from Admin Console. 55308
  819. The Tape Media Usage Report in the Metrics Server displays incorrect data for previous months. 55300, 55304
  820. Sync1 may not work if one of the clients is a UNIX client with Index Version 2. 55270
  821. Change task manager to not trigger jobs for backup schedule policies when a backup activity is disabled. 55298, 55303
  822. Cloud library creation fails for AliCloud. 55266
  823. Cloud library creation fails for OCI Cloud service. 55266
  824. Some incremental backup copy jobs back up as a full job. 55288
  825. Support has been added for Microsoft OneDrive for Business and SharePoint datasources using their own schema. 55287, 55301
  826. The Client Group automatic association preview now works as expected. 55250
  827. The SIDB2 tool stops responding during incremental deduplication data verification jobs. 55263
  828. Governance apps enhancements. 55243, 55281
  829. Updated OpenSSL to version 1.0.2n. 55211
  830. Added a digital signature to OpenSSL and CVCurl DLL files. 55211
  831. When user expanding client > fsdb001d in GUI, user is getting pop-up with "XML error: please refer to logs for more details." 55209
  832. A chunk might be incorrectly marked as bad with a mount path ID mismatch error. This might cause the SIDB2 tool to stop responding during incremental DV2 jobs. 55199
  833. The Sybase Agent IntelliSnap backup operations support the PREPARE DATABASE statement. 55198
  834. The media manager crashes when accessing uninitialized memory during an error condition. 55194
  835. Enhancement to add hyperlinks in job history detail dialog boxes. 55159
  836. There is no option in the CommCell Console to disable custom alert popups. 55157
  837. With many scanned documents and Excel sheets, the index bloats and searches might start to time out due to memory load. 55184, 55226
  838. All GDPR related changes. 55142, 55143, 55144, 55145, 55146
  839. User-centric activation fails to save activation information in the registry for an Active Directory domain user on MAC laptops. 55181
  840. Stop the auto-activation thread if the request is intercepted and handled by the workflow. 55181
  841. When run from a workflow, the auto-activation Qcommand fails to activate laptops. 55180
  842. Content indexing jobs for NetApp NAS NDMP backup operations might fail with the "NFS_MAGIC" check error when the extended attribute section exceeds 512 KB. 55178
  843. Restarted content indexing jobs might fail to open the NetApp CI ACL database, when ACL processing is disabled. 55178
  844. CommCell Readiness report job might become unresponsive. 55175
  845. Enhancement: Allow qscripts to be run on client, against the CVCloud database, other than the CommServe database. 55165
  846. All jobs may go into pending state until CommServe services are restarted. 55102
  847. Authentication fails for Azure Stack ADFS Resource Manager URL as user input in the GUI. 55099
  848. Enhancement to show SLA by Client Groups in Metrics SLA report. 55101, 55107, 55115
  849. Enhancement to support weekly disk library growth metrics report. 55101, 55107, 55115
  850. Update required: undo the changes made for failover support. 55097, 55098, 55111
  851. Updated required to support a smaller payload from REST API calls. 55097, 55098, 55111
  852. UNIX installer support is required for the new Linux flavor EulerOS. 55079
  853. Dedupe restores may fail to read data with "access denied" error while accessing chunk files on Unix MediaAgents. 55077
  854. There was a build break on iSeries and VMS. 55075
  855. Linux 1-Touch recovery might fail to obtain IP address. 55074
  856. Linux 1-Touch should show proper JPR when restore job fails. 55074
  857. Linux 1-Touch: VLAN configuration might fail. 55074
  858. Linux 1-Touch: Changes are needed to allow the filtering of unsupported disks from backup. 55074
  859. Linux 1-Touch: A restore might fail if udev rules parsing for kpartx delimiter fails. 55074
  860. When decommissioning a workflow engine client, all of the deployment information can still be left in the CommServe database. 55070
  861. Filtering of Admin jobs by schedule and interactive does not work on [Remote Managed Services Metrics Summary] report, and options do not seem to be reflected in [RMS Admin Job Details] report spawned. 55066
  862. Fetch Index Info might not be able to acquire lock because of same lock identification. 55067
  863. Restores might not work for some cases when power management is enabled on the MediaAgent. 55067
  864. Change required to allow a user to use a unicode password for the DR UNC path. 55062, 55064
  865. CommCell Readiness Report may give incorrect status for proxy clients. 55061, 55065
  866. Latest content data is showing even when PIT time browse is selected. 55052
  867. Merging the changes from private branch for GDPR. 55050, 55053
  868. Synthetic full backups might fail when the latest cycle additional setting is configured. 55048, 55049, 55060
  869. Validation of afiles for synthetic full to prevent data loss. 55048, 55049, 55060
  870. Add table support for CI job to do entity extraction. 55044, 55045, 55051
  871. Merge to SP 11. 55028, 55033
  872. The CommCell Console does not show MS SharePoint Archiver agent properties. 55030, 55031
  873. VSA full VM restores are failing to restore data from V9 backups. 55026
  874. Add support for passport number extraction of following countries. Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy and Sweden 55020
  875. Move entity expressions of Finland, France, Germany and Greece to country specific bundles from the base bundle 55020
  876. 1.The license type is empty for the new license CIFN Enabler on the licensing details tab. T. the backup copy operation from the VSA engine is not excluded. 3. The backup operation is excluded when INTELLISNAP IS not enabled. 55005, 55009, 55011
  877. The backup operation fails for specific EML files. 55002
  878. After upgrading MySQL clients in the CommServe server, the CCM export fails. 54986, 54989
  879. Unable to update job restarts for Distributed Apps. 54964
  880. When decommissioning a workflow engine client all the deployment information can still be left in the CommServ database. 54963
  881. Sybase entire instance restore fails for version ASE 16 SP02 PL06 HF1. 54946
  882. Out of place restore of any Sybase system databases may fail if master database is not included in restore content. 54946
  883. Diagnostics have been updated to get log files to debug a Cassandra restore issue. 54945
  884. User-defined types are not getting restored. 54945
  885. Block-level restores may crash. 54944
  886. Tape-to-tape copy was failing with error "The destination media is smaller than the source media.", even when the destination tape was the same size as the source. 54956, 54959
  887. No silent setup option available for HyperScale. 54938
  888. nPreferredIPFamily is modified at runtime. 54908
  889. The storage policy names were visible to the users. 54907
  890. We implemented a potential fix for the incorrect updating of prune flags in the SMVolume table. 54903, 54904
  891. Schedules for Office 365 with SharePoint show the wrong backup type when the schedules are edited. 54879
  892. Oracle RAC crosscheck generates RMAN crosscheck failed event message. 54886
  893. Oracle RAC cross check does not prune backup pieces from rman catalog database. 54886
  894. QScript to change the OCUM server associated with a snap protect storage policy. 54881
  895. Application Aware backups could fail if snap index is not available on the current MediaAgent. 54723
  896. The Run Quick Access Tool workflow goes to pending state if client is unreachable. 54857, 54858
  897. Move mount path may cause destination mount path size increase for Linux MediaAgent. 54855
  898. The skipped count can be high for an online system state restore. 54853
  899. Random filter values for all columns in the dropdown list when viewing more than 1000 backup jobs. 54670
  900. Hyper-V full VM restore may fail while writing AVHDX disk with empty data buffer. 54835
  901. If the Web Console has been configured to use SSL/TLS with a self-signed certificate, email downloads will fail. This issue should not affect production systems, since those should never use self-signed certs, but could impact test or POC environments. 54787
  902. The "qoperation jobcontrol kill" command kills other jobs that are not part of the qoperations command. 54826
  903. Auto resume for suspended non-backup jobs may not work. 54825
  904. Locked client data could be browsed by any Active Directory user with end user access on client. 54817
  905. Added support for entity extraction with OneDrive content indexing. 54806
  906. Microsoft Exchange content indexing operation was failing. 54806
  907. An option has been added so that you can display the email address instead of the display name in the preview header of the Compliance Search site. 54762, 54763, 54764, 54786
  908. Azure Resource Manager URI and ADFS support can only be enabled using additional setting. 54669
  909. RAC crosscheck operation generates incorrect event messages. 54741
  910. Remove event generation when cross check script execution fails. 54741
  911. Create an organization by using a workflow. 54735
  912. Web Server call will fail for OneDrive. 54707
  913. BUG FIXES ------------- RMS Predictive Report: [Disk Library Forecast] report results do not always match [Disk Library Growth] from Health report (predictive dates, sizes and health counts). [Admin Job Details Report]: Not all filtering done on graphical displays reflect into corresponding table displays (Completed with errors, Completed with warnings) [RMS Backup Details Report]: Not all filtering done on graphical displays reflect into corresponding table displays (Completed with errors, Completed with warnings) 54697
  914. ENHANCEMENTS -------------------- RMS Predictive Report: Cloud based storage removed from [Disk Library Forecast] and moved to its own table. Admin Job Details Report: Add filtering for [Job Initiation] to separate jobs initiated through schedule from those initiated by users (Interactive). Display the time zone of CommServe in table report. RMS Backup Details Report: Display the time zone of CommServe in table report. Option to display date-time in either Web Server or CommCell-local time (default = CS). Remote Managed Services Metrics Summary Health status in middle of doughnuts on Predictive dash, reflecting worst state in Health Report (similar to the dot next to Health link from CS dash). Add control to pass to Schedule/Interactive selection to Admin Job Details Report. 54697
  915. BUG FIX: Defect 189328 - Failure reasons for VM Agents are not displayed correctly. 54697
  916. Restores are slow when restoring data to a computer where archiving is not enabled. 54694
  917. Unable to add new package on cluster CommServe when the host name is in short format. 54667, 54692
  918. Auto-fill issue on the Compliance Search page. The Summary page does not show the entire selection. 54666
  919. Staging server data is seen in Metrics Reports on public cloud. 54661
  920. Ability to select entities while creating data classification, user mailbox exchange,and journal mailbox exchange plans. Ability to associate data classification plan to OneDrive client. 54643, 54644
  921. You can now restart find analytics scans. 54642
  922. When creating new alert definitions in Admin Console, users could not view or select some client entities. 54518
  923. GPFS scan may crash for Indexing V1 clients. 54622
  924. Viewing schedules at the CommServe server level takes a long time to load. 54616, 54618
  925. New report is available that shows all the subclients that are using the VSS and also the subclients that are not using the VSS. 54604
  926. Deduplication database (DDB) Reconstruction job might fail in the Add Records phase when the amount of application data to be reconstructed is of hundreds of terabytes. 54602
  927. Unable to browse some IntelliSnap backup copy jobs when Skip Catalog for Snap Backup option is enabled. 54586
  928. Too many work queue requests are being processed at same time causing the kernel buffer to overrun. 54529
  929. For Amazon Web Services (AWS) subclient content discovered using a tag rule, backups were failing. 54524, 54531
  930. Allow to increase the timeout of the stale file system check for UNIX file system backups. 54519
  931. The synthetic full backup operation might fail to carry forward moved stubs. 54517
  932. Ifind project is not compiling 54497
  933. Backup count for Case Manager jobs was less than the review set count. 54495, 54498, 54508
  934. Case Manager job was failing for custom review set. 54495, 54498, 54508
  935. Case manager job not working for snap-enabled file system data even if data is content indexed. 54495, 54498, 54508
  936. CommServe is overloaded with many events. The CPU and memory on CommServe is at peak capacity. 54468
  937. Restore job from an incremental backup with SYNCLIB option is failing on IBM i installed computer. 54444
  938. User with limited capabilities is able to see Content Indexing jobs. 54461, 54463
  939. The backup index cache occupies a lot of space after running analytics job on analytics engine machine. 54458
  940. Enhancement to add an entry point for Admin Console in the CommCell Console. 54442
  941. When data exported from EWS is not partitioned, the backup operation runs indefinitely. 54449
  942. For NetApp OCUM configurations, deleting a leaf node storage policy copy like an 'M' node in a P-V-M (Primary-Vault-Mirror) configuration might cause the entire storage service corresponding to the PVM copies on the OCUM to be deleted. This will lead to subsequent Auxiliary Copies from V-M to fail, or for restores from M node to fail. 54439
  943. Update Commcell Serial Number & Registration code if appliance template GUID is set. 54447
  944. Client computers that are associated with schedule policies from within a client group node cannot be viewed on some schedule policies. 54417, 54418
  945. Add Restore Job Summary as a default custom report. 54411
  946. Alert mails are not sent to the email address of AD group. 54398, 54414, 54426
  947. Ctrl A does not work on tables. 54398, 54414, 54426
  948. Connection to Azure stack ADFS end point is failing. 54409
  949. Content indexing failing for object server client. 54395, 54408, 54424, 54452
  950. AppMgr log does not show thread pool statistics. 54387
  951. Upgrading from SP9 does not preserve Commvault data and system drives due to missing extended attributes. 54377
  952. Workflow/{workflowName}/Action/Execute is not working for JSON input. 54257
  953. Adding support for multiple accounts for Microsoft Office 365. 54375
  954. Support to index custom meta data stored in transaction files. 54374
  955. With many scanned documents and Excel sheets, the index bloats and searches might start to time out due to memory load. 54370
  956. Cleanup script to delete the entries from MMDeletedAF for store ID 18. 54360
  957. DDB Verification job on Global Deduplication Storage Policy is causing tempdb growth forcing customer to restart SQL services every 3 hours. 54353, 54354
  958. The Recoverability SLA that appears in Health Report dashboard does not match with the details. 54329
  959. Admin Console "Add subclient" with "Browse and select VMs" does not work as expected. 54253
  960. A script has been created to change the interval for all automatic schedules. 54313
  961. The Web Console My data page shows error for users who have linked mailboxes to show. 54315, 54318, 54335, 54338
  962. On setups with low physical memory, Tomcat doesn't come up. 54298, 54311
  963. Failure count is zero even if some files failed to restore because of chunk corruption. 54309
  964. When a Virtual Machine (VM) is removed from the Live Sync schedule, it is not removed from the monitor. 54308, 54312
  965. A Live Sync replication job might fail with the error, "No data afiles for restore." 54308, 54312
  966. Jobs got marked aged prematurely with "no archive files associated" reason. 54291
  967. Case sensitive comparison is used while sorting Computer column in the Remote Software Cache dialog box. 54267
  968. oVirt 4.2 crashes during browse and backup operations. 54263
  969. An additional setting is required to selectively use mailbox quota while discovering mailboxes. 54275
  970. Unable to use the Share Data Source dialog box on smaller screens. 54274
  971. Default options not available for backup,browse and restore 54258, 54264
  972. Add additional accounts for Microsoft Office 365 backups. 54206, 54229, 54244
  973. The Web Console application displays the Analytics application, even the users does not have the right on any client. 54227, 54234
  974. Running DDB reconstruction and data verification jobs might cause the job completion rate to go down drastically. 54200
  975. Enhancement: Different location for log reply from the default path. 54194
  976. On UNIX, the parent process might not be able to set up a pipeline after it has forked children for a backup. 54191
  977. A multi-stream Informix restore on Solaris is stuck in one of the child processes. 54191
  978. Active Directory group restores might not restore all the members. 54190
  979. Review Set migration is not working after upgrading the Web Server from version 10 to version 11. 54189, 54237
  980. The qcreate backupset activity is not available to use in new workflows. 54224, 54231, 54246
  981. Backup jobs might not run due to port exhaustion in CommCell Consoles having a large number of laptops. 54182
  982. The native CVBF driver is loading unnecessarily on non-block-level backup clients. 54181
  983. When downloading a forwarded email with multiple stubs, it always opens or downloads the first stub. 54180
  984. For XtremIO snap engine, when many snapshots are deleted at the same time, performance might decrease on the XtremIO array. 54179
  985. oVirt 4.2 is crashing during browse and backup operations 54132
  986. Activity Backup Job Summary report is missing a few days of data in weekly and monthly reports. 54119
  987. Sybase long running restore some times fails 54112
  988. Hyper-V nodes may reboot during backup. 54109
  989. Metrics SLA report shows an incorrect Snap Job status. 54093, 54095, 54096
  990. Saved Ignore Strikes Before date is not updated in Subclient properties > Advanced Options tab. 54093, 54095, 54096
  991. Oracle snap backup copy job fails with index browse on a snap job. 53797
  992. When pseudo extents are discovered, the Virtual Server backups are converted to full backup operations. 54077
  993. In the ContentStore, we made enhancements to the online mode to persist data in the cache. 54079
  994. Change Password screen must be displayed for organization users. 54072, 54097
  995. Greenplum iDA table restore: CVGreenplumBkpRstUtility.tar used for table level restore. New feature for Greenplum iDA 54069
  996. The snapshot restore operation of a VM fails. 54064
  997. Client name change after a CommCell migration might not work for version 10 clients. 54050
  998. Cross vCenter SAN mode backup copy operation fails when nSkipVMSNFile additional setting is used. 54042
  999. IntelliSnap backup copy operation fails for virtual machine due to invalid instance and BIOS UUIDs. 54042
  1000. Snapshot restore operation of a VM fails. 54041
  1001. After a refresh, Oracle RAC subclients change to a different data storage policy. 54044
  1002. Oracle RAC pseudo-client version is not set correctly when a RAC client is created with a version 10 physical client. 54044
  1003. GXHSMTUb reports the stub size incorrectly on job details. 54033
  1004. Imported Amazon Machine Image(AMI) was not deleted during Amazon Web Services (AWS) live sync operation. 54032
  1005. Client hardware information in the Client Computers list was blank for new installs. 54031, 54035
  1006. Addition of emails to review set fails for emails backed up using the new exchange agent 54027
  1007. No warning about overwriting existing data for Oracle out of place restore. 54026
  1008. We made security fixes for the XSS attack in the Download Center. 53999, 54012, 54063
  1009. Sybase advanced options doesn't support bulk change physical paths. 53993
  1010. Restoring a version of a file to a UNC path might fail if the file does not have a file name extension. 54010
  1011. The only way to restore files in site's root folder using offline mining is to restore the entire site. 54009
  1012. AWS streaming backup failure. 54003
  1013. Occasional failures during snapshot backup operation and job failure. 53975
  1014. PostgreSQL log backup job doesn't back up log files if there are any permission issues. 53975
  1015. In Compliance Search, the MD5 hash listed in the manifest does not match the actual MD5 hash of the source file 53940, 53944, 53954
  1016. Oracle VM backup is not honoring disk slot filters configured in subclient 53927
  1017. Virtual Server Agent Oracle VM disk filter fails to filter the disk based on Disk Slot#. 53931
  1018. Fix for performance issues with Transactional DDB when pruning operations are in progress. 53916
  1019. Remove the requirement to run re-index after a conversion from Transactional DDB to regular a deduplication database. 53916
  1020. Fix for Error 160 (multi-user interference) seen during deduplication database operations such as pruning. 53916
  1021. Windows proxy is getting used to perform live browse instead of UNIX MediaAgent in case of VM guest files and folders. 53908
  1022. DataCore snapshot job might create snapshot on a wrong array when replication is configured on the DataCore storage arrays. 53899
  1023. Ability to overwrite entities that are indexed in the search engine. 53897, 53920
  1024. Browse and restore of NAS data may fail when the NAS backup has long paths. 53888
  1025. Under certain conditions, the synthetic full backup might drop data that is archived in Version 9. 53875
  1026. Add Transaction Log to Backup Type filter in the Backup Job Summary Report. 53860, 53861, 53863, 53874
  1027. SAP Oracle restores logging enhancement in restore detail files 53843
  1028. A disaster recovery job has missing files even though the job status is successful. 53810
  1029. Attaching a disk is failing when the disk is attached to a virtual machine with extension enabled. 53805
  1030. LDAP Connector is not able to connect with IP or FQDN of DC machine. 53790, 53791
  1031. Database connection over SSL fails from database connector. 53790, 53791
  1032. Installation of Service Pack 10 may restart non-Commvault services. 53789, 53792
  1033. Oracle snap backup stops responding after starting the backup operation. 53787
  1034. Add to review set fails. 53785, 53786
  1035. Storage Information Report output displays list of media for all Storage Policy copies even though only one copy is selected. 53776, 53777
  1036. Storage Information Report output displays list of media in media repository when "Media Location: Out" is not selected. 53776, 53777
  1037. Library and Drive Report always shows zero size in Job Completion Rate column. 53776, 53777
  1038. Recall operation of a stub might fail if OnePass is enabled in the middle of the cycle. 53775
  1039. Amazon (VSA) IntelliSnap backups fail when the EC2 instance has more than nine volumes. 53752
  1040. Creating an Amazon EBS volume snapshot using the Oracle Agent fails. 53752
  1041. Synthetic full backups of OnePass subclients that use Indexing Version 1 might complete with a size of 0. 53729
  1042. Restore jobs only restore the latest backup copy, regardless of the date selected. 53723
  1043. Automatic schedules for laptop installations might not be started by the client. 53719, 53720
  1044. Backup monitor still displays the backup in progress on laptops after the automatic backup schedule runs. 53719, 53720
  1045. The automatic archive log schedule initiates data file backups rather than log-only backups. 53719, 53720
  1046. CommCell Migration import jobs fail if there is any mapping between user group and external group. 53701, 53702
  1047. Error while running the cvpkgchg utility from the command line to change permissions. 53697
  1048. Support required for the Data Classification Policy (which will be used for entity extraction purpose) and its support in the Data Classification Plan (which is the renamed version of EDiscovery Plan). 53680, 53681, 53682, 53688
  1049. Creating a Group using Client CIDR Address Range ,will not work properly. It lists only the client with the same Network IP and disregards the actual Host IP . 53671, 53672
  1050. Unable to modify the Web Console email template to enable resetting the password from the CommCell Console. 53662, 53663, 53664
  1051. Vault tracker report with Iron Mountain format fails. 53660
  1052. Defensive checks for email recalls are added. 53658, 53659, 53661
  1053. If the Deduplication database resynchronization failed in the first attempt, the additional setting 'nMaxDDBResyncAttempts' might be required to further resynchronize. 53651
  1054. Support for VSA VMware backup of VMs with scsi.sharing used in multi-reader mode set to independent. 53642
  1055. Fixes for fusion storage support 53639
  1056. If data protection network and StoragePool network IP address are provided from the same subnet, then the install fails. 53632
  1057. If no default gateway is provided, then the install for HS1300 fails. 53632
  1058. There is no support for a separate 1G management network. 53632
  1059. If invalid passwords are provided for other nodes of HS1300 appliance, then the install fails. 53632
  1060. User is unable to view proxies on Hypervisor details page in the Admin Console. 53600
  1061. Tenant admin is unable to perform full restore of the virtual machines (VM). 53600
  1062. Exchange Snap Mining is not using deduplication. 53598
  1063. Live browse for Virtual Server Agent might result in slowness due to index restores on the proxy computer. 53594
  1064. Large emails are not searchable after content indexing the user mailbox. 53596
  1065. Office 365 backup does not process mailboxes which have '&' character in the email addresses. 53580
  1066. Office 365 backups run longer than expected. 53580
  1067. Chargeback report is not showing the Front End Backup Size for all the subclients. 53578, 53579
  1068. Parsing results of the metrics query 3 is failing with the "column does not allow nulls" database error message. 53578, 53579
  1069. Data Aging jobs could fail intermittently when a newly installed client starts a backup of more than one subclient at the same time. 53562
  1070. Client hardware information in the Client Computers list was blank for new installs. 53564, 53566
  1071. Error loading client list in CommCell Console. 53564, 53566
  1072. Custom report "Tapes Not Encrypted" is listing encrypted tapes also. 53560
  1073. Job(s) got marked aged pre-maturely with "no archive files associated" reason. 53559
  1074. For Hyper-V, a restore of a fixed VHDX file was failing if the file size was 1 TB or greater. 53550
  1075. Virtual Server Agent backup was crashing when reading the security descriptor of a file with multiple data runs. 53538
  1076. Metrics Server was reporting incorrect information when a connection to the CVCloud database could not be established. 53535
  1077. Commvault Communication Service (CVD) service might consume large number of threads. 53532
  1078. Parent-child relationship is not maintained in sub sites. All are treated as siblings. 53524
  1079. Commvault communication service might terminate abnormally when performing MS SQL agent backup operation. 53518
  1080. Data aging might fail to prune indexing archive files. 53514, 53516
  1081. Support to index custom meta data stored in transaction files. 53505
  1082. VM snapshot is not taken on each job attempt when there is 1 VM in the subclient content and bPendingOnAllFailures additional setting is set. 53500
  1083. Application consistent property is not updated for v10 clients. 53495
  1084. On Unix parent process may not be able to setup pipeline after it has forked children for backup. 53489
  1085. Multi-stream Informix restore on Solaris is stuck in one of the child processes. 53489
  1086. Agentless restore doesn't work. 53484
  1087. Reset password confirmation email not localized from Web Console and Admin console. 53482
  1088. By default, Windows system monitoring increases the maximum size of the Windows security log increases to 40 MB. 53477
  1089. CommServe host name change is not reflected in the report URL and the web start GUI. 53461, 53464, 53465
  1090. The Domino server x86 might run into memory issues while processing huge DAOS directories. 53457
  1091. A workflow job can be stuck in suspend pending and un-manageable if the workflow engine fails to connect to the CommServe database to mark the job suspended. 53454
  1092. AWS RDS restore is missing some of the availability zones in the dropdown list. 53450, 53451
  1093. Restore operations might not work after tape import for NAS tapes. 53444, 53445
  1094. When a Virtual Machine (VM) is removed from the Live Sync schedule, it is not removed from the monitor. 53419, 53420
  1095. A Live Sync replication job might fail with the error "no data afiles for restore". 53419, 53420
  1096. The preview of certain email messages do not show the embedded images. 53415, 53417
  1097. The reconstruction of the Index database might fail with a restore failure. 53403
  1098. The Job summary report is not showing all of the subclients. 53402
  1099. The Commvault Event Manager Service may terminate abnormally. 53393
  1100. QScript to change the OCUM server associated with a snap protect storage policy. 53391
  1101. Volumes might report incorrect size causing a discrepancy between the space consumed on disk and the size reported in the CommCell Console. 53377
  1102. Under certain conditions, the synthetic full operation might drop data that is archived in V9. 53349
  1103. The "cvctreestd" binary was not signed, so there is a possibility that they were flagged as malicious files by anti-virus software. 53336
  1104. Enhancement to support error code and messages for Data Cube. 53333, 53334
  1105. Enhancement to integrate error codes and messages for Content Analyzer. 53333, 53334
  1106. If data protection network and storage pool network IP address are provided from the same subnet, then install operation fails. 53322
  1107. If no default gateway is provided, then install for appliance HS1300 fails. 53322
  1108. There is no support for a separate 1G management network. 53322
  1109. If invalid passwords are provided for other nodes of HS1300 appliance, then install operation fails. 53322
  1110. Logging in python from multiple processes causes issues for rotating log files. 53313, 53321
  1111. Entity Extraction might fail on setups if Base folder is not added to system path. 53313, 53321
  1112. With many scanned documents and excel documents, Index would bloat and searches may start to time-out due to memory pressure. 53311
  1113. Support to index custom meta data stored in transaction files. 53310
  1114. Add to review set fails. 53307, 53317
  1115. If the data protection network and StoragePool network IP addresses are provided from the same subnet, then the install fails. 53290
  1116. If no default gateway is provided, then the install for HS1300 fails. 53290
  1117. There is no support for a separate 1G management network. 53290
  1118. If invalid passwords are provided for other nodes of HS1300 appliance, then the install fails. 53290
  1119. SAP Oracle Application size can be reported incorrectly if the job takes multiple attempts due to Commvault service restarts 53279
  1120. Backup jobs may not run due to port exhaustion in Commcells having a large number of laptops. 53259
  1121. The tablespace rollforward to end of backup might fail with error SQL4906N. 53248
  1122. The CommServe computer displays a warning that the environment is close to reaching the maximum number of client computers, which is 4000. This occurs regardless of version number. 53241
  1123. The wrong device name is printed if UXScsi::open fails on AIX. 37683354 1011 07/11 09:56:51 4998649 CvSnapIBMSVC::getDevArrayInfo Fail to send scsi inquiry cdb, caught exception:0x80070306:{CvScsiDiskDevice::sendScsiCDB(279)/W32.774.(Error=774)-Failed to open /dev/fscsi1: 53238
  1124. Enhancement to allow retrieving the workflow definition only from the GetWorkflowRequest API. 53217
  1125. Synthetic full jobs might fail with an Index Reconstruction error under certain conditions. For example, a prior incremental job might restart and create archive files without any valid data. 53212, 53213, 53215
  1126. The latest cycle global setting might not work as expected. 53212, 53213, 53215
  1127. Oracle cross instance restore may not create the online logs in the desired location 53210
  1128. Data masking fails for cross machine restore if the source & destination instance names are same 53210
  1129. Oracle Live Sync fails 53210
  1130. Instance creation does not create sm_versions & edit ONCONFIG when CVREG is not set in ClIfxAgent process. This happened with de-coupled install of Informix Agent. 53209
  1131. On-Bar third-party backup or restore fails when CvInstanceName is not set. 53209
  1132. A new setting allows the reference copy subclient that is a part of Case Manager to process IntelliSnap-enabled subclients at the source. 53206, 53207
  1133. A new custom report is available: Clients with 1-Touch Recovery Enabled. 53204
  1134. Billing for certain CommCells is not generated correctly. 53202, 53203
  1135. Crash occurs when you perform live updates like Delete or Tagging. 53185
  1136. In a backup job, if a pseudo item is also sent as a valid item, it can be mistaken for another valid item which has the same afile id or offset as that of the pseudo item. 53185
  1137. A race condition causes deadlock while doing database operations. 53185
  1138. Compaction and DB Upgrade runs in parallel which can cause problems in the index. 53185
  1139. Errors such as "Timed out trying to get exclusive lock on config data" in the EvMgrS.log. 53164
  1140. For backups in VMC vixDiskLib.transport.hotadd.NoNfcSession must be added to the configuration file so that no communication with the host is performed 53151
  1141. VMDK files that do not have a .VMDK extension but do contain a . in the name are not getting reattached to the VM during restore 53151
  1142. VMDKs attached to a sata controller are not getting reattached to the VM during an out of place VM restore. 53151
  1143. We have added the ability to overwrite entities that are indexed in the search engine. 53137, 53138
  1144. The RSS feed does not get updated. 53134
  1145. Enhancement from UBS Index Advisory analysis. 53123, 53125, 53126
  1146. Cloud report is not generated correctly. 53121, 53122
  1147. When expanding the Pseudo Mailbox client in the Commserve computer, an XML error happens: 'please refer to logs for more details'. 53114, 53116
  1148. Label changes for Compliance Apps: Compliance apps: Governance apps GDPR: Sensitive data analysis Task manager: Request manager 53089
  1149. Qscript to execute APPGetSubClientProperties SP for subclient properties can grow the TempDb Log File. 53078, 53079, 53080
  1150. The software unmounts a snap after 10 minutes. This operation causes a large size file restore operation to fail. 53071
  1151. AWS Restore: Block device names were not restored. 53064
  1152. Deduplication Database (DDB) may erroneously log errors. 53050
  1153. A push uninstall may get stuck during connection setup. 53041
  1154. Synthetic full job could fail with Index Reconstruction error under certain conditions like prior incremental job restarts creating archive files without any valid data. 53030, 53033, 53051
  1155. Web Console is not able to browse VM data created from an IntelliSnap Backup in some configurations. 53021
  1156. In rare conditions Synthetic Full jobs can hang and take up lot of CPU on the CommServe. 53019
  1157. Peak Capacity Usage Growth report shows zero usage for some months. 53013
  1158. When a backup has file names that include non-UTF-8 symbols, the Index Server might crash. 53007
  1159. Online edge drive does not work with CBFS driver upgrade. 52944
  1160. Enhancement: Support required for content indexing operations, entity extraction operations, and entity extraction with content indexing operations. 52943
  1161. The backup fails if the ABE mount needs more than one directory in its path to be created. 52933
  1162. The installer will fail if the temp directory used does not have free space to extract the python binaries. 52932
  1163. VMware backups are failing with the following error: "Failed to open disk." (The system is failing to detect independent disks.) 52921
  1164. DMRExRestore.exe crashing on previewing emails. 52913
  1165. User mailbox content indexing job crashes occasionally during end of content indexing operation. 52913
  1166. Restore of archived mail to PST not working as expected. Also, content indexing job failing (crash). 52913
  1167. Pre-upgrade report does not list MediaAgents that are installed on unsupported operating systems. These MediaAgents will show reduced performance after upgrade. 52887
  1168. Workflow forms with client input load slow. 52881, 52882
  1169. Read & Write Throughput per MediaAgent report showing Violation of PRIMARY KEY. 52873
  1170. CVD may crash when metered network is enabled. 52854
  1171. Upgrade JRE to 8u151 52846, 52847
  1172. Azure backups fail. 52840
  1173. Enhancement to show duration in job details dialog. 52835
  1174. Tempdb on CommServer was growing too big. 52826, 52827, 52828
  1175. Metrics query 129 failed because of invalid time. 52826, 52827, 52828
  1176. Script to re-associate a Centera library to a new MediaAgent. 52825
  1177. OpenStack restores cannot complete with the default empty volume type. 52816
  1178. Exchange Online mailboxes are not getting discovered in hybrid environment where on-premises Exchange Server is not present. 52814
  1179. Some of the Office 365 groups are not discovered during Exchange online backups. 52814
  1180. Exchange live browse does not work. 52803
  1181. MySQL backup may fail on Windows. 52787
  1182. MySQL full backup may hang at 25% intermittently. 52787
  1183. A file-level restore operation for a UNIX VM from the Admin Console fails. 52770
  1184. Poor deduplication ratio on the secondary copy when deduplication and compression are configured for DB agents. 52768
  1185. AD users are not able to login after migrating to a new AD. 52767
  1186. Enhancement to support EntityExtraction status field in the exchange browse request. 52753, 52754
  1187. Deduplication pruning might fail to delete index files from the media. 52746
  1188. Snap is unmounted after 10 minutes causing a large size file restore operation to fail. 52637
  1189. Block level Replication Service may crash if there is a failure deleting the journal file. 52723
  1190. User cannot delete client groups that are associated with company that is deleted. 52695
  1191. Block level Replication Service may crash if there is a failure in deleting journal file 52686
  1192. Enhancement to the MediaAgent Load report to add CommCells, MediaAgents, Time Frame and Time Zone filters. 52682
  1193. Indexing utility to detect invalid archive file entries in the index. 52681
  1194. Script to change interval for all automatic schedule 52676
  1195. Jobs remain in Waiting state for a very long time. 52658, 52660
  1196. VDDK 6.5.2 has been updated to VDDK 6.5.2 EP1. 52647
  1197. VDDK 6.5.2 has been updated to VDDK 6.5.2 EP1. 52654
  1198. Enhancement: Adding the JMMisc table to big table list for scale statistics report in the health report. 52652
  1199. Instance creation does not create sm_versions & edit ONCONFIG when CVREG is not set in ClIfxAgent process. This happened with de-coupled install of Informix Agent. 52641
  1200. On-Bar third-party backup or restore fails when CvInstanceName is not set. 52641
  1201. Live browse for VSA might result in slowness due to index restores on the proxy computer. 52638
  1202. Change Disk Library Reserve space from MB to GB. 52634
  1203. Enable Stream Randomization check box checking itself off when setting a stream value starting with 1 (such as 100). 52634
  1204. Change Information message when adding a data path for a copy managed by a global security policy. 52634
  1205. Remove "New" from the New export location at the Library level export operation. 52634

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