Cloning an Email Template

If you have an email template you want to customize, you can clone the email template and perform the changes on the clone. This keeps your original email template untouched.

For example, if you have users that speak different languages, you can create localized email templates by cloning any existing templates and then updating the locale value.


  1. From the navigation pane, expand Administration > Customization, and then click Email templates.

    The Email Templates page appears.

  2. For the email template you want to clone, in the Actions column, click the action button action_button, and then click Clone.

    The Add Template page appears.

  3. Edit the cloned template:
    • Name: The name of the template.

      Each template must have a unique name.

    • Description: An explanation which email message the template is used for.
    • Company: The company the template is used for.

      If your environment includes multiple companies, you can create different templates for each company.

    • Email Type: The type of email message the template is used for. (This option is available when you add or clone a template.)
    • Template locale: The language that is used in the email message.

      Note: If you change the template locale, you must also click Restore Default under the Subject and Body to update the locale setting.

    • Customized address fields: The email addresses to use.

      To use the system values, leave the customized address fields blank.

    • Subject: The subject of the email message.

      To set the subject to the system default value, click Restore default.

    • Body: The body of the email message.
      • To add placeholders to the email body, click Token, and then click a placeholder.

        For example, if you add $ADMINISTRATOR_NAME$, it is replaced by the name of the administrator when the email message is sent.

      • To add predefined header and footer information to your email messages, add the $EMAIL_HEADER$ and $EMAIL_FOOTER$ tokens.
      • To set the body to the system default value, click Restore default.
  4. Optional: To preview the email message, click Preview email.
  5. Click Create Template.

Last modified: 11/5/2019 7:14:53 PM