Enabling the Index Server Cloud Early Release Feature

The Index Server cloud is an early release feature that is not supported in all CommCell environments. The following prerequisites ensure that the Index Server cloud is not deployed in an unideal environment.

Step 1: Obtain an Authcode for Index Server Cloud from the Cloud Services Website

  1. Log in to the Cloud Services website at http://cloud.commvault.com.

    If you do not have a Cloud Services account, see Register Your Product.

  2. Click the Forms tile, and then click the Request Index Server Cloud Auth Code form.
  3. Complete and submit the form using information from your CommCell environment:
    • In Customer Name, enter the name of your company.
    • In Registration Code , enter your CommCell registration code.

      Note: To view the registration code, on the CommCell Console ribbon, on the Tools tab, click .License Administration > License Details.

    If your CommCell environment is suited for Index Server cloud, you will receive an email that contains an authcode that you can use to enable Index Server cloud.

Step 2: Add Additional Settings to Your CommCell Console

  • In the CommCell Console, add the following additional settings to the CommServe host:

    Additional Setting Name











    Copy the value from the authcode email

    For information about adding additional settings, see Adding or Modifying Additional Settings from the CommCell Console.

What to Do Next

Restart the CommCell Console and continue with Getting Started with Index Server Cloud.

Last modified: 12/14/2018 4:10:45 PM