Mongo DB Restore Options (Recover Database) - Online Help

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Use this dialog box to specify the recover option for the MongoDB.

Recover Until

Select this check box to recover the database.

Lastest Oplog Sync

Recover the database to the latest MongoDB operations log. The operations log contains a record of all the changes that you made to the MongoDB database. The operations log is stored on the primary server. The MongoDB syncs the log on the secondary servers. When you select this option, the software recovers the database to the last operations log that MongoDB synchronized.

Latest Backup Time

Recover the database to the latest backup time.


Recover the database to a point-in-time.

Oplog Sync

Recover the database, and then apply the operations log to the specified time.

Backup Time

Recover the database, but do not apply the operations log.

Last modified: 8/1/2018 6:40:18 PM