Media Management

The following new features were added to the current software release.

Audit Note Support in Several Media Management Related Entities

Audit notes, such as maintenance related information, software installations, or other events, can be added to the following entities using the Audit tab available in the appropriate Properties dialog box:

  • MediaAgent Properties
  • Storage Policy Properties
  • Cloud/Disk/Tape Library Properties
  • Cloud/Disk Library Mount Paths

For more information on adding audit notes, see Adding Audit Notes to an Entity.

Global Level Software Encryption Settings Support

You can configure default software encryption settings at global level. The settings are applied to the new storage policy copies. You can also prevent the users from modifying the encryption settings configured for a storage policy copy.

For more information, see Configuring Global Level Software Encryption Settings.

HPE StoreOnce Catalyst Library Support

HPE StoreOnce Systems can be configured as a storage device in the Commvault software using a Windows MediaAgent.

For more information on configuring a HPE StoreOnce Catalyst library, see HPE StoreOnce Catalyst Library.

Kingsoft Standard Storage Service Support

You can use Kingsoft Standard Storage Service cloud as target for Commvault Cloud Storage solution.

For more information on supported Cloud Storage solutions, see Supported Cloud Storage Products.

Library Encryption Information Report

The Library Encryption Information report displays information about the encryption of data present in the libraries. This report contains various graphs and a table that display information about encryption of data in the libraries. You can select the libraries to filter the information that you want to view in the report.

For more information about the report, see Library Encryption Information Report.

Load Balance Index Servers Workflow - Early Release

This workflow redistributes loads across all Indexing Version 2 index servers in a CommCell environment in order to achieve optimal distribution of indexes across available disk space. For more information, see Load Balance Index Servers Workflow.

Microsoft Azure WORM Support

You can use Immutable Storage feature of Azure Blob Storage (WORM state) as target for Commvault Cloud Storage solution.

For more information on supported Cloud Storage solutions, see Supported Cloud Storage Products.

New Commvault Remote Office Appliance RO1100

Commvault Remote Office Appliance RO1100 extends the powerful simplicity of Commvault HyperScale Appliance solution to protect and recover data wherever it exists; from remote offices to corporate offices and into the cloud. It provides a powerful, cost effective, fully-integrated solution that allows organizations to protect, recover, and access data at remote locations.

For more information on the appliance, see Commvault Remote Office Appliance RO1100.

REST API Support to Manage Key Management Server

You can use REST APIs to manage the key management servers in the CommCell environment.

For more information, see Key Management Server Operations.

Storage Forecasting

The storage forecasting feature predicts when storage space for a CommCell environment's disk libraries, deduplication databases, and index caches may become full.

You can enable or disable storage forecasting alerts, and modify alert settings, through the CommCell Dashboard.

For more information, see the following:

Workflow to Modify Storage Pool Encryption Settings

The Modify Storage Pool Encryption Settings is a predefined workflow that allows you to modify the encryption settings of a storage pool.

For more information about the workflow, see Predefined Workflow - Modify Storage Pool Encryption Settings.

Last modified: 9/10/2018 3:15:40 PM