Creating Virtual DVDs on a VIOS for IBM i Disaster Recovery

You can move or copy the virtual DVDs from the CommCell repository to VIOS.

Before you perform this operation, plan for the required space on the VIOS. Commvault recommends that you have at least 100GB to account for the IBM system size and the minimum operating system size.

Before You Begin

Install the IBM i File System Agent on the VIOS as a restore only agent. For more information, see Installation of Restore Only Agents.


Perform the Disaster Recovery restore operation. For more information, see Performing an IBM i Disaster Recovery Operation.

Note: Use /var/vio/VMLibrary for the Destination path to store the DVD images value.


The DVD images are placed in the /var/vio/VMLibrary directory and look similar to the following file listing:

-rw-------    1 105      system   4580769792 Jan 30 11:51 1801301631160001
-rw-------    1 105      system   4580179968 Jan 30 12:06 1801301651520002
-rw-------    1 105      system   4580179968 Jan 30 12:22 1801301706220003
-rw-------    1 105      system   4580179968 Jan 30 12:38 1801301722550004
-rw-------    1 105      system   4580179968 Jan 30 12:51 1801301738320005

What to Do Next

  1. An administrator can use the HMC interface or the VIOS command line interface to mount the virtual DVDs on the LPAR one at a time. To use the VIOS command line interface, type the following commands:

    Load the virtual DVD to a tape drive

    loadopt -vtd vtopt1 disk 1801301631160001

    Unload the virtual DVD

    unloadopt –vtd vtopt1


    viopt1: The virtual tape drive that is different for each LPAR.

  2. Continue the disaster recovery operation. For more information, see Restoring the Minimal Operating System.

Last modified: 8/10/2018 2:58:44 PM