Live Sync Job Information

For Live Sync jobs, the Job Controller tab shows the Operation Type value as Replication. Separate Live Sync jobs run for instances in different subclients.

For destination instances created by Live Sync, any changes on the destination instance are discarded, and the latest changes from the source instance are applied so that the source and destination instances remain in sync.

If the destination instance is powered on, the Live Sync fails.

If a Live Sync operation cannot be completed successfully after three attempts, the job fails. Live Sync jobs can be retried three times. After three failures for an instance, Live Sync is disabled for that instance.

In the Job Details dialog box (available from the Job Controller or restore history), the Instance Status tab provides status information for instances. Double-click the row for an instance to view the following information for that instance:

Destination VM

The name of the destination instance.

Availability Zone

The host name for the machine where the destination instance resides.


The job status of the Live Sync operation for the instance (such as Completed, Waiting, Pending, or Failed).

Failure Reason

For failed Live Sync operations, a brief description of the reason for the failure.


The name of the proxy that performed the Live Sync operation.

Validation Status

The result of validation for the destination instance:

Success: The destination instance is usable. In the AWS portal, the status for the instance displays "2/2 checks" if the instance passed the instance status and system status checks.

Failure: The destination instance failed validation.

Not Validated (Option Not Selected): Validation was not performed because the Validate Destination Instance option was not selected.

Not Validated: Validation was not attempted (for example, because the job failed). This value is the default; it is used if a more specific value cannot be determined.

Restored Size

The amount of data synced for the source instance.

Sync Status

The replication status for the destination instance.

Last Synced Backup Job

The job ID for the last backup job that was applied to the destination instance.


Last modified: 8/9/2018 6:31:00 PM